Everyone wants to know what parenting healthy children really means. There is no worse feeling for a parent than watching a child battle an illness or disease, even if that illness is only the relatively harmless “common cold.” But what does parenting healthy children really mean, and do doctors, nurses, and Western medicine in general really help?

According to the excellent book Healing Our Children, “Our medical system is killing us, and reaping huge profits from it (8).” That may seem like an audacious statement, but heeding this observation can transform your entire parenting philosophy. It can mean the difference between healthy children and weak, disease-ridden children who constantly need to be taken to the doctor.


Sadly, many modern parents live in a world where they have little control over their children’s health because they don’t understand how to take responsibility for it. This has resulted in a strange mixture of overly-involved “helicopter parents” who don’t actually take responsibility for the health and well-being of their children.

What disease really is

It is not possible to understand why Western medicine is unhelpful in our quest to raise healthier children until you understand what really causes disease. Although most of us are led to believe that germs are the cause of all disease, that is just not true. Instead, the true root cause of disease is the body.

In the natural course of our life cycle, toxins accumulate around the cells of our bodies. Many of these toxins come from the foods we eat and from the environments in which we live, but some of them are just byproducts of of cellular respiration: the process by which our cells stay alive. Bodies that are in optimal health, the way that nature intended, have such low levels of toxins that these toxins are shed constantly through natural means like sweating through the skin’s pores, urinating, defecating, and even just breathing.

Unfortunately, we are now constantly surrounded by a pool of toxic materials. Our bodies are forced to resort to more drastic means to rid our cells of these toxins. Here’s what Healing Our Children has to say:

“When a collection of this [toxic] material in the body becomes too great to be eliminated through normal means, the body reacts, producing symptoms that we then call a disease. The inflammation on the skin is an attempt to push out toxic material that shouldn’t be in the body. The coughing and sneezing are meant to expel toxic material from the body. The fever is meant to burn up dead and harmful material. Vomiting and diarrhea help with the body of substances that are making it sick. Tumors are a collection and storage of dead and acrid material that, due to blocked excretion channels in the body, could not escape (8).”

So, if disease is really just the body trying to get rid of toxic waste, how does Western medicine come into play?

Western medicine and healthy children

First off, Western medicine uses drugs that add more toxic material to the body. This is why so many of them have side effects that are almost worse than whatever problem they are supposed to solve. Furthermore, Western medicine actually overstimulates the body’s glands, which then produce even more toxins because they are being forced to over-produce the hormones they are meant to produce naturally. In turn, the glands are exhausted and no longer able to do their jobs properly.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Western medicine is chock full of nurses and doctors who are so rushed that they have no real time for their patients. This results in a system that pushes toxic chemicals into the body to try to control symptoms. Western medicine does not address the root of the problem, which is the environment inside the body.

What does all of this mean for parents who are interested in parenting healthy children? It means that if you are hoping for Western medicine to save you and your children’s health, you are looking in the wrong place. At times, Western medicine can work alongside nature and the body to help the healing process, but more often than not it just makes the situation worse.

Rather than looking to Western medicine to solve the overarching problem of disease, it’s time to take our children’s health back into our own hands. Taking back the responsibility for the interior environments of our children’s bodies is the only way to raise happier, healthier, more whole children with strong bodies that rarely – if ever – require drastic means to eliminate extra toxic matter.

If you are interested in learning more about improving the interior environment of your child’s body so that he or she can be healthier, happier and more energetic throughout life, check out the book Healing Our Children. It includes excellent practical information on how you can start healing your child today.