Having healthy and happy children is the desire of many people. But, it is common for parents to be unsure about where they should turn for help to know what they should be doing for their children, especially because there are so many choices in this world. Prayer is a great method that can be used during these times. Depending on your personal beliefs or your religious upbringing, the words Father and Mother, or Divine Father and Divine Mother may actually bring up certain positive or negative associations for you. So, if you are uncomfortable with those works, feel free to replace them with something that is appropriate for your personal situation. If a person has an atheistic mind set, they can view the Divine Mother and Father as energy within the Universe. Or, another way to look at it is as the universal Yin and the universal Yang: which are opposite forces that need each other to create.


When you are trying to make tough decisions about rearing your children so they have the best health, consider taking time for prayer and asking for help: “Show me, Father, the real reason for my difficulties, so that I can solve them.”

Here’s another one:

Divine Mother, You who are always close to Your children, guide my every step so that I am always on the right path, thinking positively, never judging anyone or anything. Make me see the Divine always.

The Simple Joy in Asking for Help

At this point in the article, you may be thinking that I am sharing crazy ideas regarding health. The truth is that there is a connection between mind, body, and spirit, and praying for support as you are choosing a good pathway in life. Many people find that there is joy, sweetness, an embrace in simply surrendering and asking for the help that you are wanting.

To me, it feels so good to ask for this help and support. I am truly desirous to know, great Father, why am I sick? Why are my children sick? What is the cause of disease? Show me these answers, so that I can heal myself and my children. Show me this information, so that I can be of assistance to help others learn how to heal themselves.

Taking an approach of searching and prayer is a good way to maximize health, because it allows the mind, body and spirit to unite. When these three elements are working together, the system is functioning as nature intended. The unification of these things is the best way to bring about optimal health: you will feel more confident in your daily decisions, it will be easier to make healthy choices because of the spiritual understanding, and there will be a deeper sense of peace within.

Photo Credit: Emery Co Photo from Flickr