When a parent starts looking for books about raising children, it can be overwhelming because there is so much information out there… and some of the advice is conflicting. Not only will you find tons of books, but there are also many friends and family who offer unsolicited advice to new parents about basic tasks such as when and how to feed the new baby, how to change their diapers, and how to manage behavioral problems. The real issue is that much of this advice isn’t based on solid information that helps parents understand more about raising healthy children.

In fact, our modern world has resulted in an epidemic of unhealthy children. There are many children who struggle with health conditions and diseases such as autism, constant disease and illness, obesity, ADD, as well as numerous other modern problems. These children are suffering because parents don’t know what it takes to raise healthy children.

pillsIf you are looking for real answers about raising healthy children, there’s a book  called Healing Our Children, which is about how parents can raise healthy children. This book suggests that parents can take responsibility for the well-being and health of their children, and healthy children are a possibility for every family regardless of family history and genetics.

“It has nothing to do with luck,” says the author of Healing Our Children. The author explains that genetics are not as influential on our children than day-to-day basics such as diet. Instead, raising healthy children focuses on making the correct choices as a parent, a pregnant mother, or a caregiver of the children.

As a parent, the choices that you make will affect your children for the rest of their lives, and you can discover how to make choices that will positively imact your children and make them healthier.

Raising Healthy Children Requires a Healthy Diet

One of the most critical elements of learning how to raise healthy children is by feeding them a healthy diet. Numberous studies have shown that indigenous and native people in various locations are much healthier when they stick to their local diet, whether it be vegetables, fish, or fruit and grains. These people are much healthier than their modern peers who follow a modern, “civilized” diet which fouses on processed foods and high amounts of sugar intake.

As an example, in the 1930’s, Dr. Andrew Price instigated a study that looked at the reasons why modern civilizations often struggle with dental problems and cavities. During the course of his studies, Dr. Price visited New Zealand’s Maori people, Australian aborigines, Eskimos, Gaelics in Scotland, as well as many other primitive cultures. In these cultures, he found that hardly anyone ever had a cavity or any other dental issue!

Even back in the 30’s when there wasn’t a lot of nutritional information readily available, Dr. Price knew enough to attribute the healthy teeth of native people with their diets. Unfortunately, today the main focus is how sugary snacks and treats can cause enamel to wear off of teeth, which creates a host of problems for children’s teeth as well as their overall health.

But, the real problem is that raising healthy children is more than simply avoiding sugar and soda pop. Instead, children’s diets need to be as natural as possible, avoiding white flour, processed foods, and other modernized food sources. Following these eating habits will allow parents be raise truly healthy children. To learn more about a healthy diet for children and adults, check out the book In Healing Our Children, which shares a wealth of information about raising healthy children with wholesome, healthy foods.