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If a person comes in contact with pollen and sneezes, we assume that they are suffering from allergies. In another case, a person may have a sore throat and fever, and we say they are down with the flu. Irritated and imflamed skin around a person’s cut, is identified as an infection. If the pancreas stops working in someone’s body, we say they are suffering from diabetes. When rapidly growing cells appears on someone, we say that it is cancer. Modern, Western medicine declares the discovery of a disease by using a magnifying glass to examine the symptoms of the body. But fever, inflammation, pain, irritation, coughing, and sneezing are not the actual disease; they are a representation of the body attempting to heal the body through a cleanse of the toxic that are present.

Keep in mind the examples of doctors, like Dr. Carrel who examine cells from a chicken heart, who think waste or stagnant material in the body causes disease. Symptoms are produced when a collection of toxic substance is unable to be eliminated through normal processes, so the body reacts and we call those symptoms disease. The skin’s inflammation is pushing out toxic substances that shouldn’t be present in the body. Sneezing and coughing work to expel toxic material from the body. Fever occurs to get rid of harmful and dead matter by burning them up. Diarrhea and vomiting and used to get rid of substances in the body that are making the person sick. Tumors the result of block excretion channels in the body which do not allow acrid and dead material to escape, so the material is collected and stored instead.

Henry Bieler, is a maverick medical doctor and author of the best-selling book, Food Is Your Best Medicine. He writes:


As a practicing physician for over fifty years, I have reached three basic conclusions as to the cause and cure of disease.

1. The first is that the primary cause of disease is not germs.

2. The second conclusion is that in almost all cases the use of drugs in treating patients is harmful. Drugs often cause serious side effects, and sometimes even create new diseases. The dubious benefits they afford the patient are at best temporary.

3. My third conclusion is that disease can be cured through the proper use of correct foods.

Photo Credit: Kitt Walker from Flickr