Looking at the night sky through telescopes, studying small cells and elements through microscopes and listening to the still and quite voice within are all methods that we use in an attept to figure out what the Universe is made of. If you have done any of these things, you’ve probably come to the realization that our life and existence is quite unfathomable. Asking a quantum physicist their opinion on what makes up the Universe, will likely result in you being pointed towards one truth of the Universe: that this life, your body and this worldare all fields of pulsating energy. It is not random pulsating energy, but there is a specific harmony and order to the energy. Concious awareness is the intelligence behind this harmony, and it is within our body, making us part of the design.

Consciousness resides in every atom of living matter, in every cell, in every molecule, in every tiniest fraction of living matter.

For example, thousands of lines and points of energy have been identified in traditional Chinese medicine, and the practice of this medicine has discovered how to stimulate those points in specific systems with needles; this method of acupuncture is only one of the numerous ways that the health and wellness can be affected in the entire body.Baby

When disease is present in children or adults, blockages have occurred in different layers of our life force, our Being… which is the conciousness and energy flowing through each fraction of matter within our body. If this life-force becomes unblocked, Nature is able to heal us.

The main point that I want to illustrate with this information is that there is a block in being or conciousness underlying every condition or disease that we may experience. When a person understands this concept, they are able to have self-responsibility for their health (or lack of health). If we are experiencing sickness or disease, then we are not aware of something within us that is causing the sickness. Here is a basic example to consider:

Let’s pretend that you feel unhappy—and most people experience unhappiness for at least a portion of each day. Since you don’t feel your best, your thoughts work to find something that will help you recognize that you deserve pleasure and happiness. So, you go to the store to purchase a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ Ice Cream, and the entire pint is quickly consumed. If this type of scenario occurs on a regular basis, you’ll begin to experience digestive problems, start gaining weight, and with time you will become sick. When it is all said and done, the onset of unhappy feelings is the cause of actions that made you sick. Can you see the connection? Our feelings drive us and the actions that we choose on a daily basis.

We are suppressed by the control of our feelings. These feelings, collectively within our body, create a culture of disease and poor health. In the last analysis, the first step towards better health is making a change to our beliefs and feelings. By acknowledging, accepting, and validating these feelings… they can be changed. Once these feelins are changed, it is much easier to make good decisions, which helps to you more effective take effective action towards choosing daily habits that will contribute to your health. Here is a list of a few key beliefs and feelings that make us sick. Read through it to see if any of them resonate with you:

  • Physical disease can be created by self -punishment.
  • Disease can be caused by self-hatred.
  • Weakness and disease can be the result of negative personality aspects.
  • Disease can be promoted by neglecting to take care of your and yourself.
  • Illness can be created by a denial of pleasure in one’s life.

Well-being and overall physical health is completely dependent and regulated by amount of pleasure that they human body is capable of allowing. A larger capacity for pleasure results in health and wellness… Any of manifestation of conflict, division, and a denial of pleasure will resut in deterioration within the body or physical illness. It is better to focus on changing the feelings within us, to support better health and wellness.

Photo Credit: M Glasgow from Flickr