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Overcoming the Obstacles to Homeschooling

  Growing up, my mom would have frequent conversations with women about homeschooling. I often heard comments such as: “Homeschooling sounds like a good idea but I could never learn to teach.” or “I just don’t know if I am smart enough to teach high school.” This always struck me as weird because my mom never ... Continue Reading


Teach Your Child How to Have a Great Memory

By homeschooling your children, you’re giving them the competitive edge while they gain the opportunity for you to instill in them important values. You want the best for your children and are determined to give it to them. And it’s quite a job to educate them. It takes a lot of determination and dedication. Why ... Continue Reading

Home School

Why Home School?

From the initial gentle coaxing towards first words and steps, on through deciphering text on paper, mathematical equations and issues demanding critical thought, maturation through education is a necessary component of the individual life, the development of culture, and the preservation of people groups. Whether it is through age-old oral traditions or the militaristic drills ... Continue Reading


Should Strangers Teach Your Children?

             It is often the case that we voluntarily give up our rights to someone else, perhaps without even realizing it. When it comes to educating and molding our children, this is one of those times. When our children go to public school we wake them up at 6 am, have them scarf down a ... Continue Reading


Healthy Social Interaction


How children gain interpersonal skills One of the characteristics of a healthy, social adult is their ability to communicate effectively with other people. Interpersonal skills such as empathy, perception, and assertiveness are highly valued by employers and reflect a balance between cooperativeness and personal opinion. Unfortunately, children who are confined in school for hours each ... Continue Reading


The Pressure to Perform


Negative criticism vs. positive affirmation When children start to believe that love and affection are contingent upon their approval of authority figures they become weak and dependent. Outwardly they appear compliant and docile, but inwardly the desire for unconditional acceptance makes them vulnerable. Studies have shown that 94 percent of classroom management techniques used by ... Continue Reading


Letting go of fears


How children learn through example Will children, if left to themselves, learn everything they need to know in order to live in today’s society? The idea of letting children be fully autonomous in their learning brings many questions and fears to mind. The idea that children can and should learn through natural means rather than ... Continue Reading


Intrinsic Motivation


Learning comes from within Studies have shown that people who demonstrate authentic and self-initiated motivation have better performance, persistence, and creativity . The most natural way of learning is produced through an interest or passion, not from outside forces or authority. Children learn best when they see an application to the information, a satisfaction of ... Continue Reading


Healing Authority


Creating authentic models of leadership What children perceive themselves to be, they will become. A child that has been repeatedly placed under strict restraint by a controlling authority begins to put all his energy into defending his true self. As described in Healing Our Children: “Children controlled by outer authorities seem to be disciplined and ... Continue Reading


Disconnected Families


How can we pass down the skills and values of our culture? In centuries past, children were raised in the culture and traditions of their parents. The family was the stabilizing factor for many societies. Children played an active, meaningful role in the daily activities and rituals of the community. Families and neighbors worked together, ... Continue Reading

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