Healthy Babies and Children


“Big” Babies and Small Hips: Should Mamas Be Concerned?

Fat SQUISHES For this small-framed mama with a healthy appetite, those are perhaps the most comforting words one can hear in childbirth class. You see, during my first pregnancy I wore a sign around my neck that said “Tell me every possible terrifying birth scenario you can think of, then tell me I’m going to ... Continue Reading


Are Your Child’s Clothes Toxic?

Most likely the clothes you are wearing on you back and the ones you dress your kids in have harmful toxins in them. The effects of these toxins on your children can range from hyperactivity to hormone imbalances.  The problem with farming and government standards Today’s modern farming methods and government regulations make our clothes ... Continue Reading

Benefits of natural infant hygiene.

A Brief Guide to Natural Infant Hygiene

Early in human history, diapers were not a common commodity anywhere. Most babies were worn on their mothers’ body throughout the day in a traditional papoose or other baby carrier. Often, these babies would simply relieve themselves in the pack or papoose that they were swaddled within. In warmer climates, many babies were naked or ... Continue Reading

Girls Signing

Using Baby Signs to Communicate with Preverbal Infants

Children develop hand-eye coordination long before they develop language skills. They also understand language before they can use it. These two factors combine to make signs and signals an ideal option for interacting with babies. Many people are overwhelmed with the idea of trying to teach their tiny baby sign language. However, baby sign language ... Continue Reading

Immediate Breastfeeding

Natural Postpartum Care


Having a child is a beautiful, natural, and empowering experience. Following the birth, especially with the first child, parents sometimes feel confused and unsure. It can be difficult to know the best way to bond and care for your body and baby. Both mother and father may feel awkward and require some adjustment time before ... Continue Reading

Cosleeping can be safe

Safe Co-Sleeping Provides Whole-Family Benefits


The use of a family bed, bed sharing, or co-sleeping, encourages bonding, promotes breastfeeding, and safeguards health. Though controversial in some circles today, it was once the only way families slept. In the past, homes commonly featured only one room. Additionally there were few functioning door locks and dangerous conditions existed all around, making the ... Continue Reading


The Benefits of Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Delivery


Despite ever-improving access to medical care, cesarean deliveries carry a far higher risk of morbidity for both mom and baby than vaginal births. Morbidity rates for women attempting vaginal births following cesarean, rather than going with elective repeat cesareans is nearly half. In other words, in terms of safety, vaginal births are the safest, vaginal ... Continue Reading

Children’s Language Problems Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency


A longitudinal study on the association between maternal serum 25 (OH)-vitamin D concentrations during a critical window of fetal neurodevelopment and behavioral, emotional, and language outcomes of offspring recently published in the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics links low serum vitamin D levels of women during pregnancy with learning disabilities in their ... Continue Reading

Why Natural Free-Range Meat & Poultry May Harm Your Health


If you’re into a healthy lifestyle, you probably already know that in order for meat and poultry to be labeled as certified organic, the animal feed must actually be certified organic.  This means that small farms that don’t feed their animals unnecessary antibiotics or inject their cattle with recombinant bovine growth hormone, but cannot afford ... Continue Reading

Is a Low-Fat Vegan Diet a Healthy Choice for Mamas and Babies?


With so much information available to us these days via blogs, magazines, TV, books, ebooks, online news sites, online forums, newsletters, and various “experts” doling out nutritional advice at yoga studios, health foods stores, community gathering centers, bookstores, etc., it can be confusing to sort through all the conflicting information about what a mama ought ... Continue Reading

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