(image via courosa on Flickr)

Who Is Responsible For Curing Disease? Based on our current way of thinking, there is an attitude of non-responsibility about illness. It can be summarized as “You are not responsible for your disease.” Just to be clear, if you or a family member has a disease or condition, this doesn’t mean that it was your/their fault; it simply means that it is the ill person’s responsibility to care for their illness.

When you ask who is responsible for curing disease, what answer do you usually get? Most people would say that it is the doctor’s responsibility. Some would even say that it is up to the entire medical establishment. Here’s the problem with that mindset: have they succeeded in curing disease? No, they haven’t.

The medical establishment, the government, doctors and scientists do not know how to cure diseases or what causes them – so do you really want to give them the responsibility for treating your disease or making you healthy? If they have the responsibility to cure your disease, then what power do you have to find solutions and take action?

We are empowered to reject the role of passive victim in our own lives. By taking this personal responsibility onto ourselves, this means that we cannot or should not listen to the conventional way of thinking about disease. This is because subscribing to the conventional thoughts about diseases makes you a victim of disease.

Michelle Says: “Nowadays we look towards doctors and other ‘professionals’ to give us answers, to help us feel better and be healthy, as if we don’t know anything about it ourselves. We are supposed to trust these ‘professionals,’ who are only taught the modern techniques of treating disease with drugs and surgery. They are not taught traditional methods, which have served different cultural groups across the globe in effective ways for thousands of years. Many of these professionals just inject us with chemicals, and then perform mostly needless surgery. What we need to do is relearn traditional methods of healing, and combine them with the modern techniques that are useful and helpful, so we can live healthy and harmonious lives. Very few professionals have spent any time cultivating compassion and love towards another human. How can we really heal ourselves or another without love or compassion?”

Activity: Do you want to be responsible for your health? Ask yourself this question and see what arises. If you listen closely, you’ll hear two answers. One that says, yes, I do, and the other that says, no, I don’t. Listen to and pay attention to the yes, and to the no. It is usually our hidden “no” to life that thwarts our efforts. Pay attention to the no, and invite in the yes.