It is necessary for our paradigm of personal responsibility to shift, so that we examine the question: who is responsible for your child’s health?

Often, people have something unfortunate happen in their life, and they shift the responsibility by blaming others for the problems. But, it is necessary to step back and examine the situation or source that caused this bad occurrence, and determine if it was in your hands or maybe fat was in control?Untitled

There is a set of channeled lectures that I occassionaly rely on, the name is affectionately called the Pathwork®. These lectures have provided a source of great information, and stands suffient without expanding on the information, adding only that it works and it is powerful.

The law of personal responsibility is the guiding principle on the search for the root of one’s obstructions. It enables the individual to resolve what-ever problem he may have. It opens up life with all its rich possibilities. It forces him to see things in their true light, and uncomfortable as this may first seem, it leaves him in the end with a lot more self-respect, integrity, and hope than the helpless resignation to the circumstances life is supposed to bring about without one’s doing. It makes defeat unnecessary because it also removes, among other things, the childish illusion of one’s omnipotence, which is just as unrealistic as the illusion of being life’s passive victim. To accept one’s own limitations and the limitations of others increases the power to direct one’s life meaningfully.

You can see what I am referring to, this is good stuff! So, the question is: what exactly does personal responsibility mean? If you have personal responsibility, it means that understand that the circumstances in life are NOT beyond your control, and you are NOT a passive victim of life. In the end, challenging these belief systems will provide you a higher amount of integrity and self-respect (which is assumed that most people want these traits).

Activity: Do you feel powerless, helpless, or like a victim in any area of your life? If so, take a moment to acknowledge those feelings without doing anything to try to fix them. Don’t allow blame to set in; just notice what being a victim feels like. Most people deny or ignore these feelings, because it doesn’t feel good. Yet, this feeling is necessary for change to happen, even if it is uncomfortable.

Photo Credit: lknstanski from Flickr