(image via natsu on Flickr)

The lifestyle we have adopted as a modern society has left us prone to physical degenerative disease and increased our children’s risk for disease. Disease may seem like a cruel mistake made by Nature, but this is the wrong way to look at the subject. Disease is actually brought on by humans violating their own nature.

A tragic result of the way in which we live today is the high incidence of birth defects and childhood diseases. Again, these diseases are not simply accidents of Nature; they are usually the result of humans who do not give their bodies the right fuel and the right care to produce and nurture healthy children.

Setting aside the complicated and numerous theories of the causes of disease, we should simply acknowledge that disease is not inflicted on us by a wrathful deity, but by the wrath of humans ignoring our own instincts. In order to reverse this plague that we have visited on ourselves, we must take responsibility in the place where we have ultimate control and power: within ourselves.

Eliminating birth defects, miscarriages, and most if not all childhood diseases – as well as degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease – can be fully eliminated by correcting the lifestyle disharmonies now present in our children’s lives. Indigenous populations existed in robust health for thousands of years, with each person living to an advanced age with little of the physical pain, diseases and suffering common to our modern society. If we could get back to their type of lifestyle, we could produce similar extended lifetimes and good health in our children and our children’s children.

Knowing this information, do you still want to continue living in the way that our modern society has deemed “normal?”

Our cultural pain has been passed down from generation to generation and today is an open, seeping wound. It was carried within the European colonialists who made contact with native groups in order to “civilize” them – and then exploit them. This pain deep within the colonial settlers of the United States motivated the slaughter of millions of Native Americans and the enslavement of millions of African people during the formation of the country. This pain also resulted is a disconnected existence in which the perpetrator was unable to feel, connect with or identify with the pain of his victims. The colonialists lost their grasp of an essential spiritual truth: your brother’s and sister’s pain is as unavoidable as your own pain. In the most severe level of soul numbness, humans even derive pleasure from inflicting destruction and death upon others. To some degree, many of us still harbor a type of this inner numbness and unconsciously inflict subtle suffering on others and even on ourselves.

This deep inner cultural pain is passed down from one generation to the next. It is carried from one culture to another, and most if not all of us can tune into the residual violence rained down upon our native brothers and sisters. The pain comes partially from the violence that has taken place in our own country and partially from the destruction of native peoples in Australia, Africa, South America and other places all around the world.

In light of this shared pain, perhaps it will be helpful to take a moment of silence to acknowledge and mourn this loss of life so that we can begin to heal ourselves and others. The sins of our forefathers must be cleansed so that we can travel toward the light and create a global culture of peace, harmony and brotherhood. We must acknowledge the tremendous tension field which exists across the globe as hundreds of millions of humans – as well as animals and the Earth itself – are suffering as a result of our modern society.