Natural Birth


The Benefits of Having a Doula Present both Before and After Birth

The Benefits of Having a Doula Present both before and after Birth Giving birth to a child changes a woman physically, spiritually and emotionally. The process of labor, birth and the immediate postpartum can be challenging- even frightening for many women, as well as their partners. In centuries past, labor took place in the home, ... Continue Reading

Immediate Breastfeeding

Natural Postpartum Care

Having a child is a beautiful, natural, and empowering experience. Following the birth, especially with the first child, parents sometimes feel confused and unsure. It can be difficult to know the best way to bond and care for your body and baby. Both mother and father may feel awkward and require some adjustment time before ... Continue Reading


The Benefits of Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Delivery

Despite ever-improving access to medical care, cesarean deliveries carry a far higher risk of morbidity for both mom and baby than vaginal births. Morbidity rates for women attempting vaginal births following cesarean, rather than going with elective repeat cesareans is nearly half. In other words, in terms of safety, vaginal births are the safest, vaginal ... Continue Reading

A Safe Birth At Home Video

A Safe Birth At Home Video

  A nice video of a birth at home. The baby is welcomed and loved.


A Safe and Natural Birth


The ease of which childbirth was accomplished in Indigenous tribes stands in stark contrast to the phenomal rate of birth interventions and cesarean birth’s in the Western world. Today, modern Mother’s and Infants suffer needlessly as a result of a birth process that is out of balance. Why is this the case? During his field studies with ... Continue Reading


Indigenous People Had Safe and Natural Births


Dr. Weston Price discovered that indigenous women had rapid births. “A similar impressive comment was made to me by Dr. Romig, the superintendent of the government hospital for Eskimos and Indians at Anchorage, Alaska. He stated that in his thirty-six years among the Eskimos, he had never been able to arrive in time to see ... Continue Reading


How Indigenous People Had Safe and Natural Births


Dr. Weston Price in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration wrote: “I presented data indicating that the Peruvians, who were descendants of the old Chimu culture on the coast of Peru, used fish eggs liberally during the developmental period of girls in order that they might perfect their physical preparation for the later responsibility of motherhood. These ... Continue Reading

Modern Food Interferes with a Full Pelvic Brim


As with facial structure, modern food also inhibits the full and natural development of a round pelvic brim (the inside of the pelvis). “White Girl Scouts, New Zealand. Note the progressive lengthening and narrowing of the face and narrowing of the hips in the younger girl at the left.” “The effect of this narrowing of ... Continue Reading


A Program for Creating a Safe Birth


Modern women come into the birth scene with many disadvantages. Unlike indigenous women, modern women were not given special foods during childhood to encourage the full bone growth and development needed for a healthy birth. In indigenous cultures birth was many times apart of the educational process of girls (at the appropriate age). Even still, an extremely high percentage of modern ... Continue Reading


Prepare your Physical Body For Birth


Steps Toward Preparing the Physical Body for a healthy birth Before conception, follow the preconception health plan. During pregnancy, follow the diet for pregnancy and lactation. Strengthen Birth Muslces and Increase Joint Flexibility (before and during pregnancy) Practice Kegel’s Pelvic Tilt Rebozo Position Yoga Walking, Hoola Hoop, Bellydance Get special prenatal bodywork Review these techniques for preparing the body ... Continue Reading

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