As you have read through the information on this website, it is likely that you may have been convinced that there is is a problem with the Western medical outlook on disease. In this article, you will get a framework for an alternative approach: a perspective of a more holistic medical approach, founded on the knowledge Henry Bieler M.D., who was a physician for over 50 years and did extensive research on the topic.

1. Health of the Digestive System

Dr Biele suggested that good digestion is the foundation of good health. The digestive system is extensive, and the inside is sensitive and delicate. The body is actually protected by the small intestine, helping the systemt to avoid  the absorption of harmful or unnatural food elements. Some of the intestinal cleansing products focus their marketing around the claim that, “you would be surprised to see what’s inside of you.” The body becomes unhealthy after many years of taking medications, using unnatural substances, and eating unhealthy food. Many years of this type of abuse to our bodies can result in problems with the intestine, and it may actually stops working properly. When the intestines are having problems, the balance of good bacteria in the body comes out of balance, which can be detrimental because it will negatively affect the absorption of our food. When the wrong foods are eating, the intestines often react by getting rid fo the unwanted substances quickly (diarrhea) or possibly slow down because it can’t process the food (constipation). These symptoms are telling about our food habits, because diarrhea is your body’s attempt clear the intestine of unhealthy or unwanted substances that may be present. Additionally, eating modern foods for a long period of time will actually affect the protective mucous lining in the gut, destroying the benefits that it can offer to the body. If this protective lining is affected, then it can change the absorbtion of even healthy foods, and the food will move through the digestive system without complete breakdown… causing a person to become toxic. When these problems occur within the protective lining, it is called leaky gut, and has been associated with many immune dysfunctions and allergies.Olympic Inspire Mark

2. How Overall Health Affects the Liver

It is often understood that the most important organ in the body is the liver. The liver stores fuel, gets rid of poisons, and affects internal chemistry. Dr. Bieler writes about the fact that our liver hasn’t changed for thousands of years, but the modern diet has drastically changed.


With civilization came gradual changes. But man’s liver didn’t change. It remained the old pre-civilization model.

The liver can no longer purify the blood and clean up waste when it is overloaded, resulting in higher levels of waste accumulation within the body. When these waste levels increase, then disease can occur. Normally, the liver would filter out toxic substances, but an overworked liver cannot effectively remove all toxic substances, resulting in those substances circulating throughout the body.

3. How the Endocrine Glands Affect Health

The third built-in line of defense within the body is the glandular system. So, ff the liver fails to neutralize toxins and harmful substances within the body, then the natural functions will kick the the endocrine glands  into gear. The endocrine glands is to secrete hormones, which maintain the chemical balance in our bodies. There are three important glands to consider:

  • The adrenal glands are located above the kidneys, and work to allow life processes to occur.
  • The thyroid gland is located below the Adam’s apple near the neck’s base. The thyroid regulates functions such as cell growth, heart beat, and it regulates the repair of diseased or damaged cells.
  • The pituitary gland is found at the base of the brain, situated directly behind the eyes. The gland regulates the other glands, triggering glands in the endocrine system to increase or decrease the production of specific hormones.

The pituitary gland monitors the chemistry of the blood with tiny receptors located within the gland. If toxic materials are present because the liver failed to clean it up  (including waste that results from normal metabolic functions), then the pituitary gland sends signals to the thyroid and adrenal glands. These glands kick in to use backup mechanisms to remove waste from the body. The adrenals use the kidneys and bowels to eliminate waste through fecal matter and urine. For example, a bladder infection is a reaction from this type of toxic elimination, as well as frequent thirst with urination, bloating or swelling. The thyroid may also use internal smooth membranes and skin to get rid of toxicity, resulting in symptoms such as a rash (using the skin to get rid of toxins), or a cough (using the throat to get rid of toxic substances).

By understanding the functions of the organs, hopefully you can see that the perspective of Western medicine is to focus on treating the symptoms and not the cause of the symptom: disease. If a skin rash occurs, it is very likely that the liver is not cleansing and processing irritating or toxic substances present within the body. Acne is also caused in this way… the skin eliminating irritating substances. It is important to treat the root cause, and not the symptom. For example, if you are experiencing itchy skin and you use an ointment to stop the itch, then you are only addressing the symptom, and stopping that symptom may actually prevent the skin from getting rid of the toxic material that it is trying to expel. Maintaining the health of these glands, is important for overall health because they regulate the whole body, and these functions are closely connected to our mental, relational, emotional, and spiritual health. We won’t go into details about this topic within the article, but understand the concept that in order to completely understand disease it is necessary to realize that all of our body’s processes are connected. One unhealthy part of our body affects all aspects of our life, on different levels of our being and life experience.

Reclaim the Health of You and Your Family

Parents want health for their children, but they don’t realize how necessary it is to take responsibility for the avoidance of disease. Usually, our perspectives on health is affected by a mixture of different influences and feelings. Which is ok, because being healthy is an on-going process that you can learn with implementation. Being healthy is more than simply making wise choices in your daily living. It is about coming into your true self; it is about being who you really are. We have a driving force within us that heals the body. Tapping into your active consciousness allows you to draw closer to this greater reality. Reclaim your responsibility with health by allowing your being to be filled with peace and love!

Photo Credit: surreynews from Flickr