Healing Childhood Disease is Simpler Than it Seems – Details about why the author started his journey for better health. He discovered that our modern nutritional habits are harming our children, and found simple steps that can be taken to improve health.

Is Your Child’s Health Your Responsibility? You or someone else? Learn about how children’s health is affected by their daily living, and who should take responsibility for their health.

The Irresponsibility of Blaming Bacteria for Children’s Diseases – Personal responsibility is a trait that each person should have, think about how it represents a guiding light, a truthful and more potent way to live. On the other hand, imagine what life might look like if a person lives an existence devoid of personal responsibility.


Our Cultural Beliefs in the Germ Theory of Disease– Examples of the Germ Theory, as well as Modern Medical beliefs. These examples are provided to help you see what our culture believes to be the causes of physical problems and disease. It is important for you to have an understanding of the truth behind what makes children sick, so that you can be empowered with the health decisions for your children.

Healing Childhood Disease is Simpler Than it Seems – Our modern way of thinking and responsibility has one common thread: “You are not responsible for your disease.” This article talks about how an incurable disease in you or your family doesn’t necessarily mean that it was their fault; but instead they have the ability (and responsibility) to take care of their health and the disease they are experiencing.

Why Parents Should Take Responsibility for the Health of Their Children– Antoine Béchamp researched illness and disease, and his beliefs were that disease is not caused by germs.

Why Some Children Experience Disease at a Young Age – Viewing the human body from a chemical and biological point, it can be seen that these bodies are perfect in their natural form as created by nature. So, why do some children experience disease and illness so early in life?

Hippocrates: Uncovering the Real Cause and Cure of Disease Hippocrates, known as The Father of Medicine, was able to heal people with the principle of the Tao. He called it vis medicatrix naturae—the healing power of nature which cures us from within.

Does Western Medicine Have a Place in Parenting Healthy Children? – Most of the time, Western medicine approaches are used to treat the symptom instead of the root of the problem. Unnatural techniqes are used, such as surgery and drugs and surgeries, which commonly suppress the symptoms of disease. Is there a need for Western Medicine to be used for your children?

Towards A New Paradigm for Children’s Health and Disease – Having good health for themselves and for their children is a desire of many people. But, with so much conflicting information and many choices in the life, it can be difficult to identify good resources to turn to for help. Prayer can be a great tool to help you find the answers you are looking for.

Blocked and Stagnant Layers of Consciousness Cause Children’s Disease – Any person who studies the universe through giant telescopes or tiny microscopes, or even by turning to the small, quiet voice within, will see that the world is made up of complex and unfathomable concepts.

The Natural Functions of a Child’s Body for Health Maintenance – The Western Medical view of health and wellness is much different than what nature intended. In this article we look at how the natural physical functions within the body maintain health, and why western medicine has it wrong.

The Disease Of “Modernization” and its Effects on the World – Our human bodies are prone to physical degenerative disease because of the modern lifestyles that we follow. This lifestyle increases our risk for disease, as well as our children’s risk for disease. Nature did not make an incurable, cruel mistake. In fact, human mistakes are the cause of disease… and the affects can be reversed with careful steps back to the way nature intended.

Why You Shouldn’t Have Your Baby Circumcised – Details about the unnatural practice of circumcision, and why this prevalent medical treatment should not be completed. In order to gain their full potential, baby boys should not be circumcised.

What Your Children’s Teeth Say About Their Health – How dental trends provide a good insight into the overall health of your child. Maintaining healthy teeth is an indication that there are fewer diseases and illnesses, and teeth formation can actually give insight about the nutritional deficiencies that a child may be experiencing.

How to Tell if a Child Looks Healthy – Uncover the truth about the appearance of your child, and how their outward looks indicate the overall health of a child. There are a few key factors that can be looked at in order to determine if your child is lacking in essential nutrients that are needed for optimal growth.

Simple Steps to Raise Healthy Children – Raising a healthy child is a confusing topic, especially because there is conflicting information about the best way to raise your child. This article talks about the basics of setting your child up for success with their health, a few simple steps each day can make a big difference for the wellness of your children.

How Growing Children are Affected by Environmental Toxins – Our modern world is contaminated with toxins from many different sources, which means that our children have a harder time growing in a healthy way… because so many of the immune functions are dedicated to fighting off environmental toxins. Read this article to learn more about how the growth of our children is affected by the toxins that they come in contact with.

Determining How Much Genetics Affect Your Health: The Debate of Nature vs. Nurture – Many parents don’t believe that they have any control over the health of their children, because diease and illness are caused by genetics. But, this belief is false. Nutrition and environmental factors play a big role in the health and growth of a child.

Where To Draw the Line With Responsibility and Parenting – Parents know that they should take responsibility for the lives of their children, although the topic of health and wellness tends to fall within a different category. It is common for parents to believe that they don’t have any responsbility for their child’s health, because those factors are outside of their control. The truth is that a parent can play a major role in the life of their child, by stepping up to take health responsibility with a few simple daily habits.

Is Autisum Caused by Vaccines? – The rates of Autism are skyrocketing in our modern world, and many medical professionals are claiming that they don’t know why Autism is increasing at such an alarming rate. Researchers are discovering that Autism may be linked with vaccinations, read this article to learn more about the correlations.

Families and Healing Authority: Helping Children Learn to Make Good Food Decisions – As your children grow, they will be in situations where they will need to make food decisions without their parents being present. Learn how to raise your children in a way so they understand and respect their health, in order to help them make the best decisions on their own.

The Best Nutrition for Infants and Children – Feeding a growing child has a major impact on their current health, as well as their future health as they get older. There are a few special foods that can be given to younger children, in order to help them grow healthy and well. A diet high in nutritional value will allow the child’s body to have the nutrients that are necessary in order to prevent and protect from disease and illness.

Removing the Mystery of Pregnancy and Childhood Diseases – Modern doctors are often confused by the cause of disease and illness, which cause parents to not fully understand the health of their children. This article shares information about how a nighly nutritious diet can have a great affect on a child’s health. The mystery is debunked, and you will learn the information that is needed to support the health and wellbeing of your family.

Children’s Diseases vs. Symptoms of Disease: The Truth You Need to Know – There is a big difference between a symptom and an actual disease, and it is important for parents to understand these details to support their child in achieving optimal health. Read about what disease really is, and how each parent can help their children to avoid illness and disease.

A Lack of Evidence That Vaccines Actually Work – Parents often have their children vaccinated because doctors tell them that it is necessary for the child to be healthy. Have you taken the time to research the efficacy of vaccinations? Actually, there is a lack of evidence showing that vaccines are effective. So, why are we still vaccinating our children?

Can Vaccinating Your Child Be Considered Abuse or Neglect? – There is a lot of evidence that shows the negative side effects of vaccines, these effects can be crippling, or even deadly, when a child is administered the vaccine. Because the negative effects are so common, can it be considered child abuse to subject a child to the dangers of this modern myth?

Vaccine Adverse Affects: How Long Does it Take for Negative Side Effects to Occur? – Contrary to popular belief, many negative side effects of vaccinations are actually delayed. This article talks about how long it usually takes before the side effects are present, so that you can understand just how dangerous these modern medical treatments can be.

Changing the Paradigm About Children’s Disease and Health – Our modern culture is facing an epidemic of poor health, and children are experiencing disease and illness more than ever before. If we want to protect our children and save them from this plague of poor health, it is necessary for parents to change their paradigm in order to make lifestyle adjustments that will support optimal health.

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