Changing the Views of Personal Responsibility: Around the same time Mr. Pasteur lived, there was another scientist in France named Antoine Béchamp. His views were that. . . surprisingly enough. . . that disease is not caused by germs. Rather, he made the suggestion that germs exist and change in environment responding to the conditions of the ecosystem where they live. To put it another way, when germs are inside your body in an unhealthy environment, then sickness occurs because the environment is a fertile ground for the germs to mutate.BabyThese change with the disease occurs in stages, starting in a simpler form and progressing to more complex forms. The basic germ form are known as microbes (primitive phase), then bacteria (middle phase), and then fungus (end phase). You can compare this idea to a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, or a tiny tadpole growing into an adult frog. This same phenomenon also occurs in nature, when you find that certain plants are specific to a particular geographic region. For example the desert can grow palm trees and temperate forest holds redwood trees. Redwood trees are unable to grow in the desert climate because the conditions will not sustain them. The plants live in a symbiotic relationship that works with the geographical location, and it can only thrive if specific conditions are met.

Is The Germ Theory Correct?

But many people have a strong belief that the germ theory is correct. Because we have talked about it for over a hundred years, and billions of dollars are made each year by giant corporations who work off this belief system. The medical establishment is based on the germ theory, media talks about it, and it is taught in schools. Even Mr. Pasteur, on his death bed, is said to have admitted that “the microbe is nothing: the terrain is everything.” Finally, newer technology has provided live field microscopes which can be used to highly magnify living samples, which show irrefutable and clear proof that microscopic forms evolve and change within a matter of mintues (or even seconds) in response to their terrain. This observation conclusively proves that pleomorphism is a true phenomenon and a real part of the natural world.

Some people have also brought forth evidence that suggests that microbes actually exist within the body to assist in cleaning and restoring the body, and are not necessarily the cause of the disease– but are a condition associated with a diseased state. As an example, the disease of tuberculosis is blamed on a bacterium, yet renowned tuberculosis expert Walter R. Hadwen, M.D., states: “Nobody has ever found a tubercle bacillus in the earliest stages of tuberculosis.” Other recent studies found that bacteria and parasites such as E.coli (stuff which is considered really dangerous), have been used within the body to heal conditions with remarkable efficacy.

Photo Credit: basykes from Flickr