As a parent, do you feel responsible if your children are ill-behaved, sick or hurt? Do you think a parent should feel responsible in these situations? Looking at the basic beliefs of our society – we see that a parent shouldn’t feel responsible at all! Yes, this statement may sound shocking, but it is especially true in regards to disease and sickness.

Our modern diets have created an epidemic of unhealthy children. There are so many children struggling with health problems such as ADD, autism, constant sickness, obesity, and a countless other modern health concerns. These children are ill and suffering because their parents don’t understand the steps that need to be taken in order to raise healthy children.

Because of this belief system within our society, parents have a hard time understanding how the health of their child is within their responsibility. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be condemning or scary to take this responsibility. Instead, parents can be empowered when they take responsibility for the health of their children, and the parents can truly make a difference in the life of their child and the child’s ongoing health and well-being. Yes, it can be a bit intimidating to take personal responsibility, but it is the only way that you provide your child with a opportunity to be her healthiest, happiest self. In the book Healing Our Children, the author suggest that a life without any personal responsibility is a life that “would not be full of possibilities, and you would believe that you could never see things in their true form. Defeat would always be around every corner, and you would feel like you were a victim of life’s circumstances (3).”parents

Unfortunately, many modern parents believe that they live in a world where they are not able to take responsibility for their children’s health. This belief system has created strange mixture of parents known as “helicopter parents” who are overly-responsible in other areas of life, but don’t own up to responsibility for the actual well-being and health of their children

It is necessary to fine a new parenting paradigm in order to be better parents. This paradigm needs put the children in the center of the parent’s responsibility. As a parent, you are fully responsible for the health of your children, and this understanding can actually be freeing instead of being a burden. Being responsible doesn’t mean that you need to feel guilt over every bad thing that happens. Instead, it suggests that you have the power to take action, so that you can make real a difference the health of your child… and your own health as well. It all starts with taking back responsibility for your parenting decisions and the choices you make in your own life!

With the help of Healing Our Children, it is possible to learn to take responsibility for the health of your child. Improving health can have a positive impact on the rest of his or her life. The book teaches how to properly feed your child so that they can grow into the happiest, healthiest person possible – and there is no need to chalk up most of your child’s health problems to doctor’s mistakes, germs, or bad genetics!