We live in a world of modern technology where nearly anything seems possible. However, there is a huge problem with this world: our modern medical system has never been successful in treating or preventing most of the worst modern illnesses. The medical system on which we rely to heal us can actually only mask the symptoms and confuse the issues at hand.

“If doctors and scientists,” the book Healing Our Children asks, “the medical establishment and the government do not know how to cure diseases and do not know what causes them, do you want to give the responsibility for treating your disease, or for making you healthy, to them? If they are responsible for curing your disease, then what power does that leave you to find solutions and to take action?”

For those of us who grew up believing in the power and authority of the medical community, this is a radical thought: doctors don’t really know what causes disease or how to cure it. However, there are many diseases that the medical community is still trying to “figure out.” For example, we still have no cure for cancer after decades of looking for one. As for our understanding of the causes of cancer, we really are only sure of a handful of harmful things that can increase one’s risk of developing cancer.

We often feel like we don’t have much choice when it comes to the health decisions we make for ourselves and our children. The medical community assumes that disease is caused by germs, so we assume the same thing. Is this really the case? Here is what you need to know:

The real cause of disease

According to Healing Our Children, a large part of the problem with the medical community is that it still accepts the theory that germs themselves cause disease. Although it is true that there are germs in our bodies when we’re sick, it is also true that there are germs in our bodies when we are perfectly healthy.


What is the difference, then, between a healthy person and a sick person? The difference is the internal landscape of the body that causes infection and disease. There is an abundance of legitimate researchers and doctors who support this idea. For example, J.H. Tilden, MD, a 20th century physician, set out to find the true cause of disease. This is what he found:

“Much like cars that produce exhaust, the cells of our body produce minute amounts of waste. When the body cannot eliminate its own waste (or the waste added through contact with toxins in the external environment), it slowly becomes diseased.”

Because Western medicine refuses to really acknowledge this single central fact, it cannot cure us or our children of what ails us in this modern day and age.

What can cure us?

So what, according to Healing Our Children can actually cure us in these modern days? The main cure for illness, which was first written of by Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine! – is food! It’s true! Making wise decisions about what we put into our bodies can change that internal landscape dramatically so that we no longer experience symptoms of disease and illness.

To find out more about how you can use wholesome, nutritious food to heal your own body and those of your children, check out Healing Our Children, which gives plenty of information on specific ways you can heal your children through making smart choices that can change their internal landscape for the better.