If you are looking for the best pregnancy diet, you will find that it is most certainly a diet which includes high amounts of fat. This may be surprising to you, especially because many women mistakenly think that they should avoid fat in order to avoid excess weight gain. But, this is not true, because around the world it has been found that many native cultures have specific diets for pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, and many of these diets include high amounts of fat. While there are many reasons for these diets that are given, and the reason are often religious, the presence of fat in a healthy pregnancy diet is actually important because the fat is essential for a healthy pregnancy diet since it contains fat soluble vitamins.

Fat Soluble Vitamins During Pregnancy

If you’re wondering why fat soluble vitamins are an important aspect of a healthy pregnancy diet, it is a good idea to look at what these vitamins are. Fat soluble vitamins are nutrients that dissolve and are stored in fat within the body. These nutrients include vitamins A, D, E, and K. One big difference between fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin C) are that fat-soluble vitamins are actually stored within the body, and over time they are released as they are needed. The body eliminates water-soluble vitamins on a regular basis, but it can actually save fat soluble vitamins for later use.

pregnant silhouetteFat soluble vitamins are very important for health, and especially for women who are pregnancy because they affect the health of your baby. As an example, many babies experience a Vitamin K deficiency at when they are born, which can cause problems with bleeding. In fact, this problem is so common, that many hospitals automatically inject babies with Vitamin K at birth in order to stop excessive bleeding. But, if you be sure that you are getting enough of this fat-soluble vitamin in your diet during the pregnancy, then this deficiency and bleeding problem will not be a problem for your baby.

While there are fat-soluble vitamins available to take in supplement form, a synthetic supplement is definitely not the best way to get the nutrition that you need. These nutrients are most effective when they are consumed naturally in your diet, where they can absorb naturally with the whole, organic food that you eat. When these ingredients are consumed properly, they work just like they were meant to in the body. Additionally, some of these vitamins – especially vitamins A and K – can be easily overloaded in the body if you take too much in the form of supplements. Overloading of these vitamins can cause health problems… and remember that it is difficult to overload on a specific vitamin when it is consumed in food form instead of a supplement.

Simple Ways to Include Fat Soluble Vitamins in Your Diet

Now that you understand the importance of fat soluble vitamins, we need to look at the best way to include fat soluble vitamins in your diet. We have found that the easiest way is to eat fatty animal products, such as fish and land animal organs, as well as and full-fat dairy products. It makes sense, because these vitamins are stored in the fat of animals in the same way they are stored in our own fat, so by eating high fat animal products, you will get higher amounts of nutrition that are suggested in the best pregnancy diet.

The Best Fat Soluble Vitamins

The common vitamins that are often referred to as fat soluble are vitamin K, E, and A. These vitamins are important, but there is one specific substance which is fat soluble that your body and your growing baby need. This substance is known as Activator X, and it’s really not a vitamin or mineral… it’s a hormone. Like other nutrients, Activator X is found within animal fats, and it is a necessary part of a healthy pregnancy diet.

Activator X is a hormonal substance which is synthesized periods of rapid growth are occurring within grass and other substances. The substance is found in milk quite easily when cows are grazing in the pastures during the fastest growing period of the season. However, most of our milk and meat comes from animals who do not eat grass, but instead are fed grains and other unnatural foods, Activator X is not easily accessible in our modern diet.

According to the author of Healing Our Children, a book about health nutrition during pregnancy, when Activator X is added to the modern diet it can have a strong affect on pregnancy, fertility, and the health of the baby and mother. It can even improve the overall health of your child when Activator X is consumed during lactation!

How to Get Activator X

It is important to include Activator X in your diet, especially if you are pregnancy. With a little bit of research, you will see that the best place to get Activator X is from high vitamin butter. This butter is different from butter at the grocery stores, it is yellow or orange in color and is produced from the milk fat of grass-fed cows that are consuming the rapidly growing grass in the spring, summer, or fall. High vitamin butter can be purchased at health food stores, and you can sometimes find it from local dairy farmers during the summer. Additionally, you can get Activator X from the organs of animals that were eating fast-growing summer grasses, as well as fish eggs.

You can find out more about other interesting substances like Activator X, as well as fat soluble vitamins, and how these nutrients and substances help you to achieve the best pregnancy diet. The best resource about these topics is the book: Healing Our Children, where you will find a wealth of information relating to various nutrients that are important for your healthy pregnancy and your child’s early growth.

Photo credit: mahalie from Flickr