Many people hear the word “fat,” and it brings about numerous negative connotations. Our culture has taught us to fear fat, and marketing campaigns are constantly pitching low-fat or non-fat foods as healthy alternatives. If you learn about real nutrition that supports health and wellness, it is odd to see that we are educated to avoid fat… because we actually get a feeling of satisfaction from our meals when we consume fat. When healthy fats are consumed, they help to promote health by lubricating internal layers and aiding in the natural cleansing functions of the body. These mixed messages have caused many people to deny thenmselves of the basic comfort and pleasure of healthy fats. Now is the time to change your mindset… stop low-fat and non-fat products! Instead, get full fat products such as fatty pieces of fish and meat, full fat cheese, and whole milk.00-25

Good Sources of Healthy Fats

The human diet has used healthy fats for thousands of years. A few food sources include:

  • Chicken, duck, and goose fat
  • Butter
  • Palm, coconut, and sesame oils
  • Beef and lamb tallow
  • Lard

Unhealthy Fats to Avoid

Unhealthy fats created though processing that uses high temperatures and solvents. For example, you can’t simply to a corn field, and press the cord seeds to extract corn oil. Producing the oil is a complex process, which renders a finished product that is unsafe for human consumption. Avoid unhealthy fat sources, such as:

  • Hydrogenated oils (such as margarine)
  • Canola Oil
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Soy, corn and safflower oils

Comparing Traditional Fats with Modern Fats

The understanding that it is unhealthy to eat foods with high levels of fats is actually partially correct, and partially incorrect. Traditional fats taste good and when they are consumed the body knows how to use them for healthy functions, but our modern culture teaches that these fats are unhealthy and should be avoided. On the other hand, it is said that modern fats are healthy. The truth is that fats are ok, as long as they are the correct type… and the reverse of common understanding is true. When we consume modern fats, our bodies become weak and sick. These processed fats have been linked with physical degeneration in native populations. Meanwhile, it has been found that we can be healthy with traditional fats, they provide us with high levels of nutrition including needed vitamins. These nutrient levels support the body in improving energy supply and building strong bones.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, there is “no safe level” when it comes to consumption of trans fats. So, therefore we should avoid all trans fats. Ask yourself this: why where trans fats in our food chain in the first place?

Health Problems Associated With Low Fat Levels

It is common for people to avoid saturated fats (such as those from animal foods), only to find that health problems develop, such asdigestive problems and poor immunity to disease.

Traditional Societies Eat Lots of Fat

Looking at traditional diets and their association with healthy, you will see that some of the most relished and highly prized parts of the diet are the fats. In fact, many indiginous, traditional groups consumed a high fat diet but did experience any heart disease in their population.

Photo Credit: Emery Co Photo from Flickr