There are a variety of healthy foods that can be good during pregnancy. In fact, sometimes women think that their eating choices are limited,  but this mindset is false because you should be eating a variety of natural foods to have a healthy pregnancy diet and provide the nutrition that is needed for you and your baby. The mistake that women often make is eating the wrong types of food, they don’t know about foods which are particularly high in nutrition, such as high vitamin butter. These highly nutritions foods contain excellent levels of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrtients that you need.

The book Healing Our Children was written to empower women with the knowldge of these highly nutritious foods before, during and after their pregnancy. The book helps you to includes these foods in your everyday life, to support the ovrall health of your body– and the growing baby within you. High vitamin butter is a great food to include in your diet, here’s what you need to know:00-29

What Makes High Vitamin Butter Different From Conventional Butter?

The grocery stores have many butter options, but these products are made with pasteurized milk and they are highly processed. The advantage of using high vitamin butter is that it is raw and unpasteurized, which means that it has higher levels of nutrition. Consider the fact that when milk goes through the pasteurization process, it is stripped of the many beneficial organisms and enzymes that make butter and other milk product so beneficial… especially of the health of pregnant women and growing children. In order to get these benefits from butter, it is necessary that it is produced raw without pasteurization.

Additionally, high vitamin butter is only produced during a certain time of the growing season, depending the location where it’s produced. It is important that the butter is made in the season that the grass is growing rapidly, because when cows eat the rapidly growing grass, it fills their milk Activator X, which is a special hormone. The modern diet is missing this unique hormone, and the missing hormone can actually impact the overall well-being and health of women who are pregnant and their growing children. In fact, it has been found that Activator X can have a positive impact on fertility if you are trying to conceive!

According to the book, Healing Our Children, Activator X is a common part of indigenous traditional rituals relating to fertility and food. The Masai’s pre-pregnancy diet includes Activator X, which during the rainiest season can be found in milk. Another example is in the Canadian Indians, who highly prize Moose thyroid glands, which contain high levels of Activator X at the end of the summer season.

High vitamin butter is the best and most practical way for pregnant women in our modern world, mainly because you can’t simply go to the grocery store to pick up Masai milk or moose thyroids. This butter is a natural orange or yellow color, and even though it is only produced during the time of year when grass is growing most rapidly, it can be eaten year-round because the butter can be frozen. So, be sure to have some available to eat in order to give your body a good supply of Activator X, especially during pregnancy.

Where To Buy High Vitamin Butter

Most mainstream grocery stores will not carry high vitamin butter, their dairy aisles are filled with pasteurized items. But, if you know where to look, high vitamin butter is not hard to come by. Here are a few suggestions listed in Healing Our Children:

  • is a website that lists local dairy farmers who sells butter during the spring and summer months, and the butter is made from grassfed cattle. Even if the farmer doesn’t name it “high vitamin butter,” it may actually be the same thing. Be sure that it has a natural orange or yellow tint, ask about the process to make the butter, and ask about when the milk was produced. If the butter was produced without pasteurization during the right season, then it probably contains Activator X and should be included in your healthy pregnancy diet.
  • Anchor Butter is a brand from New Zealand that carries high vitamin butter. Talk with your local organic grocery stores to see if they carry it. Otherwise, you can find local suppliers by calling 1-888-869-6455.
  • Another brand to look for is Kerrygold Butter, and this line of products is also often available at natural food stores. Sometimes chain grocery stores will carry this butter as well, but it depends on the area.
  • If you are unable to find high vitamin butter to use, another option is to use high vitamin butter oil from Green Pasture’s. These products are made from spring or summer butter. You can find more information at the cod liver oil shop.

Photo Credit: Emery Co Photo from Flickr