Milk, cream, butter, and cheese produced during the period of rapidly growing grass.

Cow on Grass, Raw Milk is Good for Pregnancy (image from flickr user Royalty-free image collection)

In the primitive Masai culture in some parts of Africa, girls were required to wait for marriage until after the spring. This was the time when the cows feasted on the quickly-growing young grass and produced high-quality raw milk. The girls had to drink the milk from these cows for a certain number of months before they were allowed to get married. It was the Masai’s belief that consuming the young grassfed milk for three moons would prepare their bodies for marriage and childbearing.

The rapid growth of the grass comes after a period of rain when there is abundant sunshine, usually in the spring and summertime. After three months of consuming this special milk, the mother-to-be’s body would be especially strong and fertile.