It doesn’t matter if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, nursing, or simply trying to provide your body with the best nutrition, the quality of your ingredients is just as important as choosing the types of foods to consume. It is best to focus on organic, high quality, natural foods which can be prepared either raw or cooked, and be sure the majority of your food intake is whole foods – meaning the foods haven’t been processed and packaged when you buy them. The highest quality foods should be grown organically, so that they are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides that can be dangerous for an otherwise healthy-seeming diet during pregnancy.

In order to give your body and the health of your children the very best, the author of Healing Our Children provides in formation about where you can locate foods for a natural pregnancy. These foods include things such as organic meats, fruits, vegetables, and fresh-ground grains. Here is a list of  the top places to locate foods that have high nutritional value for you and your family:Farmers' Market

Local Produce Stands and Farmer’s Markets

Most areas have a local farmers’ markets, they are are becoming more popular and you can probably find one locally in your hometown. Even if you live in an area with changing weather patterns so food doesn’t grow year-round, the farmers markets are usually available during the wamer months and you can find freshly grown produce and grains during the growing season. Also, some towns have a winter market, where farmers sell farm-canned products (which are a better alternative to the factory-canned grocery store canned goods) as well as winter vegetables and fruits and meats.

When you go to your local farmers’ market, look for the farmers who grow their animals and produce using organic techniques, because organic foods are better than foods that are conventionally grown. These farmers might not necessarily have organic certification, because it can actually take three or more years to be certified organic. But, asking various vendors about their growing processes will help you to find good sources of quality food.

You can look at to find a farmers’ market in your local area.

Health Food Store Shopping

Health foods stores like Whole Foods Market are becoming more common because more people are becoming aware that shopping for natural foods is better for their health. These health food stores often local produce and organic produce as well as high quality meats, so it is a good place to shop if there is no farmers’ market available to shop at.

But, be careful when you shop at these stores, because they carry many processed foods that are disguised as health food. If foods are packaged, regardless of packaging that says natural or organic, then they are not the best option because they don’t have the nutritional value that whole foods have. If you want to eat things like pizza and other treats, you are better off making them home using fresh ingredients. Just because a package is labeled as organic doesn’t mean it’s a healthy food, so your best bet is to avoid anything that comes in a package or a can – it doesn’t matter if it is for sale at the local health foods store!

Find a Local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter

The Weston A. Price Foundation is responsible for sharing much of the information that’s available in the book Healing Our Children, and there are many chapters located around the world that are great resources to help you find high-quality, local foods. Your local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter may show you where to find a local farmers’ market, an actual farm, or a specific store that has the high quality foods you’re looking for. To learn more about the Weston A. Price Foundation chapters, go to

Ordering Food Online

The internet is a wonderful thing, because it has given us the opportunity to order organic, high quality foods from the comfort of your own home. Online ordering can be a good option if you can’t locate stores in your area where you can buy high quality produce and meats. If you choose to order online, look into co-op options that are nearby because they often offer cheaper prices on bulk orders. When you submit an order online, you will usually spend a bit more money, but it is worth the cost so that you can have high quality foods to support your health and the health of your family.

Photo Credit: NatalieMaynor from Flickr