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Yellow Emperors Classic on Medicine

Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine Question: “I have heard that in ancient times the people lived to be over a hundred years, and yet they remained active and did not become decrepit in their activities. But nowadays people reach only half of that age and yet become decrepit and failing.” Answer: In ancient times ... Continue Reading


Hippocrates – The Body Can Heal Itself

Hippocrates Hippocrates believed in vis medicatrix naturae – which I translate as “The Force of Nature Heals” He defined disease as suffering, and strain. “Thy food shall be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.” Disease has to do with the environment. This could include food, exercise and the amount of rest. To Summarize, ... Continue Reading


Western Medicine is the #1 Cause of Death in the U.S.

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND Death By Medicine by, By Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD A definitive review of medical peer-reviewed journals and government health statistics shows that American medicine frequently causes more harm than good. This fully referenced report shows the number of ... Continue Reading


Pharmecutical Companies Commit Genocide

Matthias Rath, MD “Complaint against Genocide and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the pharmaceutical business with disease.” “Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry was built and organized with the goal of controlling healthcare systems around the world by systematically replacing natural, non-patentable therapies with patentable and therefore profitable synthetic drugs.” “They ... Continue Reading


Toxemia, Toxins in the Body Cause Disease


J.H. Tilden, MD “I resolved either to quit the profession or to find the cause of disease.” Toxemia Explained page 21 Disease happens when the elimination of waste products becomes blocked. Normal cellular metabolism creates waste products. What we call a disease, is actually a crisis of toxemia, it is your body taking efforts to ... Continue Reading


Food can Be Used to Heal Disease


Henry Bieler, MD “The organic sodium in zucchini, as well as in summer and crook-neck squash, is the most ideal source of refurbishing a sodium-exhausted liver.” “As a practicing physician for over fifty years, I have reached three basic conclusion as to the cause and cure of disease..” 1. “[D]isease is caused by a toxemia..” ... Continue Reading


Lack of Proper Nutrition Causes of Degeneration


Weston A. Price, DDS “Life in All Its Fullness, Is Mother Nature Obeyed.” Degenerative Diseases and many so called Infectious Diseases (Tuberculosis, Tooth Decay), are a result of an inadequate diet. Primitive human beings, living on their native diet are relatively free from disease. Why does our modern civilization have so many diseases, especially tooth ... Continue Reading

Anthropological Evidence of Cause of Disease


It should be a matter of deep alarm that human beings can degenerate physically so rapidly by the use of the dietary products used so generally by modern civilization. ©Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation “The rapid degeneration of the Australian Aborigines after the adoption of the government’s modern foods provides a demonstration that should be infinitely more ... Continue Reading


Fifty Cases of Incurable Cancer, Cured


Max Gerson, MD A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy: A Summary of 30 Years of Clinical Experimentation The therapy consists of high potassium, low sodium diet, with no fats or oils, and minimal animal proteins. Juices of raw fruits and vegetables and of raw liver ... Continue Reading


We Can Live Disease Free


Aajonus Vonderplanitz “That caused me to develop Multiple Myeloma (blood and bone cancers). Multiple Myeloma survivors are less than 0.01%..I chose to die rather than be completely crippled for the rest of my short life. At that point I had had 7 ‘incurable’ diseases.” Raw foods healed Aajonus of these diseases. When 2.5 years later ... Continue Reading

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