Caroline Lunger
Caroline is a passionate 18 year old, working her way to become a Nutritional Therapist through Nutrition Therapy Association. She practices the WAPF and GAPS principles of eating and living, while trying to heal her own body. She struggled as a child with food allergies and extreme sensitivities. Now knowing that these problems can be prevented, she is determined to help people become aware that raising a healthy happy child starts before the child is born. In her free time she enjoys swimming in the lake, being with her family, researching, and blogging at

Caroline  Lunger


Are Your Child’s Clothes Toxic?

Most likely the clothes you are wearing on you back and the ones you dress your kids in have harmful toxins in them. The effects of these toxins on your children can range from hyperactivity to hormone imbalances.  The problem with farming and government standards Today’s modern farming methods and government regulations make our clothes ... Continue Reading

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