Healthy Babies and Children


Tax Dollars Pay for War on Health Food: Dairy Farm Shut Down by Feds

The FDA has been working for two years at the War on Health Food to shut down an Amish dairy farmer who was selling fresh raw milk to health-conscious individuals in the Washington, D.C. area. This month a judge banned Daniel Allgyer from selling his milk across state lines; customers were informed that the Amish ... Continue Reading

Grass Fed Cows

Re-imagining the Family Plate

We nourish them in the womb; adding, avoiding, watching and waiting. We draw them to the breast and marvel at the continued connection between lives and bodies, need and nutrition. We near that time of first “real” foods and look forward to sharing the table with the young lives within our home, seeking to offer ... Continue Reading

Co-sleeping with my baby

Peace of Mind with Co-sleeping

There was absolutely no way I was going to put my newborn baby in a room all by himself – my maternal instinct insisted it was so lonely and wrong to have our baby in a big room all alone. So I set up a bassinet next to our bed to keep him close enough ... Continue Reading

Drinking Raw Milk

Getting Good Milk Shouldn’t Be So Hard!

I grew up in Texas and as a child I clearly remember driving with Mom out of town to pick up our milk from a nearby farm. She grew up on a farm where raw milk was a staple, so she was always excited to get the fresh raw milk for our family. Every time she ... Continue Reading

The Fluoride Deception: Pregnancy and Childhood

The Fluoride Deception: Pregnancy and Childhood


For many years the public has been told that fluoride is needed to prevent cavities. Many cities and towns across the country fluoridate the water supply. Dentists and doctors across the nation often recommend fluoride, and support the fluoridation of water. This practice is misleading and dangerous to the health of all life. The fluoride ... Continue Reading


The Cause of Disease & Healing Disease


Summary: Disease is not caused exclusively by germs that enter the body from the outer world, nor is it usually caused by genetics as defective DNA inherited from our parents. Disease is caused by our modernized way of living, toxins in the environment and in our foods, a deficiencey of nutrients, and negative or unresolved ... Continue Reading


The Germ Theory as the Cause of Disease


Louis Pasteur In the 1860’s a theory became cemented in our minds, that germs cause disease. Hailed as one of the most important discoveries of modern science, we supposedly had found the real cause of disease. Disease arises from microorganisms outside the body. These microorgamisms do not change, and anybody can be a victim of ... Continue Reading


The Cellular Theory of Disease, Cause of Disease


Antoine Bechamp French microbiologist, Antoine Bechamp, Professor of Medical Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Montpelier, was a contempory of Mr. Pasteur. Bechamp, along with Claude Bernard had a different idea about germs. They believed that germs where pleo-morphic, that they changed depending on the terrain. This means that disease usually arises from within ... Continue Reading


Germs Do Evolve


Staphylococcus aureus bacteria magnified about 10,000x Dr. Bechamps theory of disease was later been added upon, researchers such as Royal Rife, discovered that E. Coli bacteria can evolve into salmonella typhi then into, mycobacterium tuberculosum then into yeast forms and eventually into cancer causing agents, BX and BY . Mr. Rife also discovered he could ... Continue Reading


The Health of Your Cells, Their environment


Healthy Red Blood Cells Unhealthy Red Blood Cells We even find this truth echoed in anatomy books, “if the concentration (of fluid outside the cell) changes, so as to contain too much or too little of these substances(nutrients), the cells will become sick and act abnormally and eventually begin to die.” Jacob, S. & Francone, ... Continue Reading

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