Natural Birth


Keep the Umbilical Cord Intact

During birth, in order to decrease the size of the infant, Nature, in her wisdom, transfers a significant portion of the babies blood into the placenta. Thus, it is insane to cut an umbilical cord early, before the blood has completely returned to the baby and drained from the placenta. While it is arguable how ... Continue Reading


Breastfeeding and Child Abandonment

There is no reason to ever take an infant away from it’s mother. Usually emergencies after birth relating to an infants failure to thrive are preventable. Medical interventions, like drugs, and early umbilical cord clamping, and a failure to create a healthy internal environment prior to conception and during pregnancy, could result in a situation ... Continue Reading


Circumcision Is Violence and Male Gential Mutilation

St. Vincent Nurses Speak Out against Circumcision The Pain of Circumcision Charles Antonelli speaks out Doctors Speak Out About Circumcision


Our Modern Way of Living is Over

For thousands of years later, many times without assistance, Mother’s would perform the ancient right of birth. The birth was of little conequence because these mother’s where prepared, with role models as children on how to give birth, and with a special type of nutrition that ensured that their bodies where capable of an easy ... Continue Reading


Amazing Grace, Healing our Children


The life your child was meant to live is not supposed to be filled with suffering. Many causes of children’s suffering can be substantially reduced. Ideally a preconception health program is followed by both the father and mother, prior to conception. Then during pregnancy, and lactation, special care is taken with the diet of the ... Continue Reading


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