Natural Birth


Prepare Your Emotional Body for Birth

Are you emotionally ready for your child? Are you prepared for the birth process? If you honestly reflect on these questions, you will probably find that the answer is NO. Yes you may be excited for your new baby. But are you ready to take care of this little being? Have your needs been met? ... Continue Reading


Prepare your Mental Body for Birth

You can use your mind to prepare yourself for birth. Your mind should be clear, ready and focused for the birthing process. Here are some suggestions: Visualizing a safe birth, reading birth stories along with reading and learning about healthy birth practices. Preparing for possible complications, and knowing and understanding what they mean.


Preparing your Spiritual Body for Birth

If you are struggling or curious as to what your spiritual purpose is in life, let me help you out a bit. You are here to love, serve, and remember your true nature. Your purpose in life is to be a mother. Being a mother does not mean you put your needs aside. Likewise it ... Continue Reading


Special Foods Before, After and During Labor

Diet Before Labor “Lubrication Formula (We Want to Live) (3 Weeks Before Birth) 1-2 raw organic eggs (Raw Eggs Are Consumed At Your Own Risk) 2-4 ounces raw butter 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice 1-2 teaspoons unheated honey All ingredients should be room temperature. Warm all ingredients in a jar with the lid on immersed in a ... Continue Reading


Midwives, Trust and Saftey with Birth


What seems to be lacking as a regular part of the birthing experience is a feeling of safety. I want to invoke the spirit of trust and safety for all the birth’s on this planet, both and and in the future. Please join me energetically for a moment if you will. The feeling of trust ... Continue Reading


Cesarean Rate Is Too High


While nobody can no for sure what a healthy rate of cesaren births is, our country has crossed a thick black line in terms of violating women and children with the excessive and uneeded use of cesaren births. “The number of cesarean deliveries has increased from 5.5% of US births in 1970 to 29.1% in ... Continue Reading


Cesarean’s For the Wrong Reasons


“[H]alf of the Cesarean sections performed in the U.S. are unnecessary…decisions concerning the need for Cesarean delivery seem to be influenced more by social, economic, and physicians’ personal reasons, than by medical factors. This is well illustrated by the fact that those women who are at highest risk of pregnancy complications and who would benefit ... Continue Reading


Elective Cesarean Birth’s are Dangerous


Why would a mother elect to have a cesarean? And reasons why an elective cesarean is a bad idea. The rate of elective cesarean’s in 2003 was 2.5% according to HealthGrades. To control when the birth happens. The body triggers the birth process under two conditions. One is the condition of stress and overwhelm. If ... Continue Reading


When Cesarean’s are Really Needed


Drugs and medical procedure’s are not necessarily bad or wrong in themselves. They are bad and wrong when used inappropriately. In the 1970’s, the rate of cesarean birth’s in the United States, was 5.5%. There is no reason for this figure to be higher today. I believe with midwives who understand techniques for special birth ... Continue Reading


A Child Centered Birth Experience, A Natural Birth


The revolutionary book (online for free) that helped improve birth in the west. Dr. Frederick Leboyer points out the trauma that regularly happens as humans enter the world. The tiny creature, new to life, is born to loud sounds, blinding lights, placed on cold metal objects, and even poked and prodded. Birth needs to become ... Continue Reading

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