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Rachel  Hand


Incapacitate your Indigestion with 4 Wellness Tips

We live in a world that moves quickly; few people have the time or luxury to slow down and to truly enjoy each day. This is especially true at meal times. There used to be an institution in this country called dinner, where you and your family would sit down at the table and eat ... Continue Reading

Sesame Oil

Oil Pulling for Oral Health

The dentist’s chair. It’s a piece of furniture that sparks feelings of dread in many people. Generally speaking, many people do not look forward to going to the dentist. But what if I told you that your teeth are an indicator of your body’s health? Fortunately for you, today we will be discussing a simple ... Continue Reading


Overcoming the Obstacles to Homeschooling

  Growing up, my mom would have frequent conversations with women about homeschooling. I often heard comments such as: “Homeschooling sounds like a good idea but I could never learn to teach.” or “I just don’t know if I am smart enough to teach high school.” This always struck me as weird because my mom never ... Continue Reading

Child Vaccination

Should You Vaccinate?

Just recently, the CDC passed its latest vaccination recommendation: that boys aged nine years and up should start getting the series of three vaccinations against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Their reasoning is that high numbers of Americans are already infected and that vaccinating before sexual activity starts is the answer. The HPV causes cervical cancer ... Continue Reading


Teach Your Child How to Have a Great Memory


By homeschooling your children, you’re giving them the competitive edge while they gain the opportunity for you to instill in them important values. You want the best for your children and are determined to give it to them. And it’s quite a job to educate them. It takes a lot of determination and dedication. Why ... Continue Reading


Reduce Pregnancy Cravings with these Simple Diet Changes


Pregnancy cravings can drive a woman crazy, making her feel as if she will go to any extreme to get what she wants, even if it’s the middle of the night. And you know who ends up going to get it for her, right? How can you reduce the food cravings experienced during pregnancy and ... Continue Reading

Home School

Why Home School?


From the initial gentle coaxing towards first words and steps, on through deciphering text on paper, mathematical equations and issues demanding critical thought, maturation through education is a necessary component of the individual life, the development of culture, and the preservation of people groups. Whether it is through age-old oral traditions or the militaristic drills ... Continue Reading


Pregnant Again? How One Woman Solved Postpartum Depression


When Mary Rowlings was pregnant, she looked forward to the day when her baby would be born. She imagined how much fun it would be to look into her child’s eyes, make him laugh and smile, and couldn’t wait for the big day when he’d reach for her and say, “Mommy!” Her labor and delivery ... Continue Reading


Plant-based Diets May Not Be Enough


To have good health, we want to eat a natural diet, one that is consistent with what our body was meant to eat. Following Dr. Weston Price’s recommendations is a great way to start. But sometimes people stray from the path of what leads to good health. One of the paths to health disaster is ... Continue Reading

Pregnant Beach Body

Train your Skin to Fight Pregnancy Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are the bane of many pregnant women’s existence. Some women put up a brave front, outwardly proclaiming that they are the “badges” of motherhood, but inwardly, wishing the scars would vanish. Ladies, don’t apologize for being vain – own it! The truth is there’s nothing wrong with trying to get rid of these ... Continue Reading

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