Birth Defects a Response to the Environment

Elsewhere on this website, examples show how the same birth defects (such as club feet) are caused by deficiencies in the diet. Birth defects can also be caused when the seeds of life, either from the mother or the father, are toxic. This is usually due to the consumption of toxic foods like processed sugars or other disharmonious substances such as pesticides or heavy metals. Doctors and parents alike widely accept that a lack of folic acid in a mother’s diet produces certain birth defects in her child. We can expand this understanding to the next level to conclude that most or all birth defects are caused by vitamin deficiencies.

The coming of modern man to remote areas brought diseases to native populations, and the modern diet has brought physical defects such as poor facial structure and tooth formation. Even our bones, the very foundation of our bodies, can become disjointed and sickly with our modern diet. A deficiency of Vitamin A clearly produces birth defects. Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy and normal fetal development, and an absence or imbalance of any of the essential vitamins or nutrients could lead to serious birth defects.

Nobel Prize-winning biologist Alexis Carrel stated, “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates.” Nature gives us a perfect design, perhaps even a design that makes us capable of immortality, but something causes this perfect design to fail. That destructive factor is essentially the way in which we live in the world. In turn, how we live in the world is a reflection of our feelings about ourselves, life, and our purpose on the planet.

In the words of Dr. Price, “One immediately wonders if there is not something in the life-giving vitamins…” that encourages an individual to put moral values above material values. Healthy diets lead to healthy bodies and minds. Unhealthy diets, which result from human weaknesses and not Nature’s error, create disease and can lead to birth defects.

(image via Foto_di_Signorina on Flickr)

We should stop assuming that there is some dark mystery obscuring the origins of birth defects. We are all born from the perfection of the creative force of the Universe, therefore we must be responsible for any imperfections. We have free will have chosen to take actions which have affected ourselves and the world. By that same logic, we can also choose to prevent and heal disease.

Disease is not something that merely happens to us; it is a reaction to a set of discernible factors. These factors include: 1) toxic cellular waste and environmental toxins; and 2) a deficiency in nutrients that are necessary for our bodies to grow healthy. When all of these factors exist in an ideal balance yet disease still occurs, the cause can typically be found in toxic emotions or conflict in the life force.

On the smallest basic level, the cells that make up every living and non-living thing are made of substances that never disappear, merely change form. These substances can be traced back to the creation of the Universe. In this diving Universal order, there is only one possible thing that can cause disease or create health: ourselves.

Our modern nutritional program and disharmonious lifestyle have the tragic result of causing birth defects. This means that if we are, through our careless actions, contributing to the causes of birth defects, we also have the power to prevent them. Prevention begins with the mother and father maintaining optimal health prior to conception, with ideal diets and balanced body chemistry. In order to reach this optimal state, the prospective parents must focus on proper nutrition, neutralize and avoid toxins, and bring balance to their emotions.

Our ideal state of health came to a tragic end with the plague of modernization and the inferior foods of our industrialized world. To return to a state of grace and optimal physical and emotional health, we must act consciously to heal ourselves and the world in which we live.


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