A very large number of naturally aborted (miscarried) fetuses are malformed. Medical doctor Henry Bieler believed that miscarriages were caused by assaulting the body with toxic foods; in other words, that miscarriage was caused by modern processed foods of the industrialized world. A miscarriage is really one of the body’s survival mechanisms. When the fetus is no longer viable, it becomes poisonous to the body and so the body expels it.

There is a meaningful connection between deformed fetuses and miscarriages. In one experiment, female pigs were deprived of vitamin A and their offspring were born with deformities. Likewise, human fetuses may be deformed due to a lack of vitamins. Without the proper nutrients, the underdeveloped fetus dies, and the resulting miscarriage comes from the body’s need to release it. A vitamin deficiency, therefore, was most likely the cause of the miscarriage. Many sources indicate that the prevalence of miscarriage in the United States is around 25%. The number is difficult to track because many occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

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