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Children disease and health

Healing Childhood Disease is Simpler Than it Seems

Our modern nutritional program is harming our children, and often we don’t even realize it. We do not see the effects because the degradation of their health is so gradual.

What we call disease is not the disease, but a symptom of the disease

As a parent, when your child has maladies like poor vision, allergies, attention problems, crooked teeth, frequent illnesses, low vitality and poor posture, you probably consider all of those conditions to be different diseases. You probably also believe that these conditions are inherited or caused by some mishap – maybe just plain old bad luck.

These conditions and others are not genetic; rather, they are the results of an unfulfilled genetic map. Just like a plant grown in nutrient-deficient soil cannot grow tall and strong, our children, fed deficient and toxic foods, drinks and drugs, also become unable to grow properly and to thrive.

When our children become ill with more serious problems, their fevers, aches and other troubles are the symptoms of this disease. These symptoms are the body’s response to a set of mostly understandable conditions. If the conditions causing the disease (modern food, drinks, drugs and other environmental poisons) are controlled or put back into balance, then illnesses will usually be prevented. In this case, illnesses will rarely occur in the first place, and the cure will be of a more cosmic nature, requiring other emotional and spiritual factors to heal.

Injury to Facial Beauty and Physical Development

Typically we think of facial beauty, facial features, and an overall strong body as a feature of good genetic traits. While this belief has some truth to it, it is really our nutrition that determines whether the genetic map of your child’s facial features gets fully filled in.

Loss of Facial Beauty is Connected with our Diet

“It is most remarkable and should be one of the most challenging facts that can come to our modern civilization that such primitive races as the Aborigines of Australia, have reproduced for generation after generation through many centuries-no one knows for how many thousands of years-without the development of a conspicuous number of irregularities of the dental arches. Yet, in the next generation after these people adopt the foods of the white man, a large percentage of the children developed irregularities of the dental arches with conspicuous facial deformities. The deformity patterns are similar to those seen in white civilizations.” Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Deformity Patterns Produced in Modernized Aborigines after Adopting Modern Food of the “White Man”

For Comparison
A Fulfilled Genetic Map of Aboriginal Facial Beauty

Another Example of Native and Modernized Samoan


“Note the marked difference in facial and dental arch form of the two Samoan primitives above and the two modernized below. The face bones are underdeveloped below causing a marked constriction of the arches with crowding of the teeth. This is a typical expression of inadequate nutrition of the parents.”


Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Our modern-day diet does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex. The beautiful, well-proportioned facial structure that is part of Nature’s genetic map is lost or disrupted through our consumption of modern, nutrient-devoid foods.

It is Far Worse than Disturbed Facial Beauty

If the problem of our modern diet was only disturbed facial beauty, then, we would not need to be that concerned.

However, the reality of children’s diseases is far more severe and grave.

“The boy at the left has arthritis in nearly all of his joints. He has several abscessed teeth. The boy at the right has tuberculosis of the spine.” Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Upon seeing the intense suffering of the children who were ill from modernized diets, Dr. Price writes: “No animals taken from the wilds and placed in cages could suffer more intensely from enforced confinement than these boys and girls of the echoing mountains and multicolored valleys with their great stretches of timber and beckoning streams. One can never forget the pathetic appeal for help of these boys and girls who are progressively becoming crippled and who seem to sense their doom..” Price, W. Dental Digest

Disease Caused by Modern Foods 

“[O]ur bodies may be greatly injured by faulty food. Here we see a poor Indian boy of the far North living where the white man’s foods were brought in to trade for furs of the trapping Indians.” Price, W. “7 Teaching Lessons”

These pictures affect us deeply because these children, although they have long passed, are our children – humanity’s children.

Our Children’s Bodies Are Affected By Our Diet

These cases are certainly more severe than the typical maladies faced by a child on a modern diet. However, that is because the dietary mistakes were more substantial. Our abysmal nutrition for pregnant and nursing mothers, along with our poor food choices for growing children, set up our children to live a life full of deficiencies. The degree to which our children will suffer is directly related to the degree to which our diet is faulty. While it varies somewhat by location and by social status, our diet is only moderately better than the diet from which the children in these pictures are suffering.

The Cause of Poor Eyesight In Children

Primitive humans could see stars so far away that modern humans can only confirm their observations with telescopes. Excellent eyesight is a gift from Nature, but only when her plan is followed precisely.

A recent article by Raymond Silkman, DDS, explains how improper nutrition causes improper development of certain bones in the skull. This development in turn creates an unnatural eye shape, which causes vision problems.

The Cause of Crooked Teeth in Children

Tooth decay, crooked teeth and dental deformities are all caused when a modern diet is used in place of the wholesome natural diet that our bodies were designed to eat. Some indigenous diets were more effective at preventing tooth decay and facial deformities than others. Essential bone-building vitamins such as Activator X and fat-soluble vitamins A and D are practically non-existent in our modern diet. This is because we no longer widely eat the special foods that contain them, such as fish eggs, yellow grassfed butter and grassfed liver. Further writing on children’s tooth decay is here.

The Cause of Scoliosis

Like many other degenerative afflictions which affect children, scoliosis is caused by the body’s “borrowing” process. Essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are leached from the bones and used to feed the glands  and other organs that need them. The body does not have enough of these minerals to go around because they are robbed by modern foods such as refined sugars and flours. 

This is an x-ray of a monkey who was a house pet and was very fond of sweets. The bones progressively softened so that the pull of the muscles distorted them.

During periods of rapid growth our children should be eating whole, nutrient-dense which are properly prepared. Otherwise, their bodies will be robbed of the minerals and vitamins needed for healthy growth.

A growing spine deprived of nutrients, like a plant in deficient soil, cannot grow straight. Therefore, scoliosis can only be healed and prevented through proper nutrition.

The Cause of Morbidity from Children’s Diseases

Although vaccinations have been heralded as a cure-all for preventing common childhood diseases, they in fact cause children’s diseases. What actually helps give immunity to diseases – infectious and otherwise – are fat-soluble vitamins like those abundant in spring and summer grassfed butter (A, D, E, K2).

Consider this: tuberculosis is considered an infectious disease. Yet this disease only affects those who follow a deficient diet.

“Careful inquiry regarding the presence of arthritis was made in the more isolated groups. We neither saw nor heard of a case in the isolated groups.” Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

In 1932, no deaths had ever occurred from tuberculosis in the history of the Loetschental Valley.


This is a reproduced vitamin chart, that shows that the vitamin content of the grassfed butter correlates to the morbidity (the occurrence rate of a particular illness) of 5 childhood diseases. See the original chart.

“I have shown that the vitamin curve is related to the morbidity curve for several children’s diseases. For example, in the city of Toronto, there is a marked correlation in morbidity levels for chicken-pox, measles, nephritis, scarlet fever, hemorrhage in the new-born, tetany and retropharyngeal abscesses on the one hand, and the vitamin levels on the other. When the vitamins are high the defenses are high; when the vitamins are low, the defenses are low.” Price, W. Dental Cosmos

Thankfully, this original article, published in November, 1930, is available online for your reading.

Respected Scottish Surgeon, Sir Arbuthnot Lane

“Long surgical experience has proved to me conclusively that there is something radically and fundamentally wrong with the civilized mode of life, and I believe that unless the present dietetic and health customs of the [Western] Nations are reorganized, social decay and race deterioration are inevitable.”

The Timeless Cause of Children’s Disease

As I described in the Cause of Disease page, ancient civilizations understood that disease was caused by our wrong use of Nature, the Tao. Both ancient Eastern and Western medical authorities believed this to be true, although they used different words to describe it.

Thousands of years later, the cause of disease is still the same for our children: our disharmonious modern way of living.

You have the power to prevent diseases from striking your children, simply by changing the way you live. A change in attitude normally precedes these lifestyle changes, once you realize that the way we live is fundamentally flawed and that we have ignored the higher virtues of life for far too long. Love, peace, happiness, joy and service are a part of the New Earth.

Amazing Grace, Healing our Children

The life your child was meant to live is not supposed to be filled with suffering. Many causes of children’s suffering can be substantially reduced.

  1. Ideally a preconception health program is followed by both the father and mother, prior to conception.
  2. Then during pregnancy, and lactation, special care is taken with the diet of the mother.
  3. You give your child luscious nurturing with constant and consistent and love from his mother.
  4. You feed your child special foods during her growing years, avoid the foods of modernization, and avoid toxic environmental hazards like vaccines.
  5. You send your children to an alternative school so they are not brainwashed into a world that believes in suffering, fear and violence. But rather a school or community that supports, pleasure, self expression, creativity, love, and the divine masculine and feminine aspects which are a part of humanity.

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