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Vaccines cause autism

Is Autisum Caused by Vaccines?

During the first 4 or 5 months of a child’s life, an infant is unable to eat food, they are only able to drink milk because of the digestive abilities at that age. These young bodies are undeveloped, and with a little bit of time they are able to grow into certain activities. For example, it takes weeks (and even months) before they are able to learn how to properly close their fingers. While these developing bodies are growing they are injected with known poisons and carcinogens, and the government attempts to cover up their promotion of this epidemic crime.

Ten Reasons Why Autism is Caused by Vaccines:

1. Parent’s Will Tell You That Vaccines Cause Autism

If you talk with any parent who’s child has autism, or any type of symptoms associated with autism, and most of them will tell you that they started noticing changes in their child happened after a vaccine was administered, specifically the MMR vaccine. Louder Than Words, is a book written by Jenny McCarthy, and it gives one such example.

2. Mercury & Aluminum Are in Vaccines

It is a known fact that vaccines contain both aluminum and mercury. See the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) additives chart.

We have been told that our bodies should not have much synthetic mercury in them. Warnings have been made about mercury from amalgam fillings, and mercury which is injected directly into the body. During 1999-2002 there was a supposed phase out of mercury in vaccines. The Centers for disease control said that pregnant women in their first trimester received a dose of mercury labeled as a “flu vaccine.” (CDC MMWR 205;54 (41):1050-52)

After it was phase out, vaccines in HEP A actually had aluminum content increased. Consider the fact that if parents babies who follow the CDC immunization schedule recieve 5mg (5000 mcg) of aluminum by the time they are 18 months old.

1997 New England Journal of Medicine published a report that showed that when premature babies are injected with aluminum, it can cause a build up to a toxic level which has been linked with mental handicaps and neurological damage at 18 months of age. (NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE 1997; 336 (22):1557-62)

According to the U.S. Government, “statisically signficant relationships” exist between both mercury and aluminum in vaccines to neurodevelopmental delays.

3. The Aluminum Safety Levels are Exceeded in Vaccines by 20-50 times

If you look at the vaccine schedule, a two-month-old, 12 pound baby receives 1,225mcg of aluminum… which is 50 times the saftey levels.

4. Autism Does Not Exist Among Unvaccinated Amish Children

Based on the statistical occurance of autism, Lancaster County should have approximately 100 cases of autism out of the 22,000 people who live there. But there actually only three people who have autism there. One of the cases was a healthy child, who 24 hours after receiving a vaccine they stopped talking. Another was an adopted child who received Mercury laden vaccines in China before coming to the US. The third instance is a child who may have had radiation or mercury exposure. To read more about these cases, visit: Amish and Autism.

5. The United Kingdom has 10 times Increase in Autism related to MMR Vaccine

In the United Kingdom, children between 1984 and 1994 have experienced a tenfold increase in autism. The vaccine for MMR was introduced in 1988 to the UK. A significant increase of autism in the United States occured after 1991, which is the timeframe when the thimerosal-laden Hep B vaccine was required for every newborn.

6. Autism is Enviromental Because Children Are Not Born With It

Children are not born with autism. In fact, autistic children are born and observed to be healthy and normal at first. This insight means that the autism is not a genetic disorder, but there is an environmental influence.

7. Austism Symptoms Are Very Similar (or the Same) as Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning

If you compare mercury poisoning symtpoms and autism symptoms, you will see that there are over 100 common traits between the two.

8. Statistics Show Correlation with Vaccines and Autism Rates

These first two charts bleow show rates of autism. The second two charts show usage of vaccines.

9. Autism Symptoms Leave When Mercury is Removed from the Body

This video goes into depth in understanding the autism/ vaccine connection, and is explained by a medical doctor.


10. Vaccines Are Poisonous

Everybody knows that the purpose of a vaccine is to place a “disabled” virus into the body. The concept is that the injection will allow the body to create immunity to a specific disease. When viruses and chemicals are injected into the body, it is the same as if you were injecting poisons into the body. Tens of thousands of children are injured yearly from the vaccine program, and vaccination causes thousands to die as a result.

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