Breastfeeding and Child Abandonment

There is no reason to ever take an infant away from it’s mother. Usually emergencies after birth relating to an infants failure to thrive are preventable. Medical interventions, like drugs, and early umbilical cord clamping, and a failure to create a healthy internal environment prior to conception and during pregnancy, could result in a situation where the infant is in distress after birth. While I am not an expert in this area, I can tell you that we can prevent most of these conditions, and that are methods of treating infants under distress are usually barbaric.

A better system would understand the needs of the infant. The infants needs are, to be with his mother, to suckle, to breathe, to stay warm, and to not be poked, prodded, or injected.

As a reminder, you want to have a human (mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle, ect) continually holding your baby after birth, preferably with skin to skin contact, do not set your baby down outside of physical contact.

The infant must be breastfed on cue.

The infant must not be circumsized or vaccinated. (That is unless you beleive in poisoning and violating babies.)