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Spanking Children is child abuse

Were you spanked as a child?

Or was your friend, or sibling?

Do you remember how it feels? Or what it felt like in your own body.

It hurts. It feels violating. It makes the child feel weak, helpless, betrayed. Spanking children is a deep betrayal of the child because the parent’s primitive role is to nurture and protect the child. Spanking, hitting your child on their butt, is the opposite of protecting your child. It is causing them pain and harm.

A spanked child will feel a stinging pain. A sad feeling in their heart, and a sense of loss and wondering, “why me?”

Spanking and Energy Centers

We feel our sense of self, of being alive, through the energy centers at the base of our body, near the tailbone. This lower body is how we as a adults, and how our children, feel rooted and connected to the earth. It is our ability to take care of ourselves. When a parent spanks a child, he is trying to shock the child into disconnecting his energy flow from the earth. This will disempower the child. It also produces the desired result. The child disconnects from their rootedness in themselves, and becomes more docile and easy to control.

A recent study showed that parents who were spanked as children are less likely to spank their own children, than parents who were not spanked. This is because many parents who were spanked can feel that internal sense that it is very wrong.

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