Vaccines are created and exist as a result of our own numbness and inertia

Our Numbness Has Brought About Vaccines

Stated Intention of This Page About Vaccine Abuse: On this webpage, you will learn about how vaccines can cause so that you will under no pretenses allow your children to receive them.

Our modern thinking has slipped into social collective unconsciousness, and our personal power in regards to health have been given away to authorities. Our culture has allowed these “authorities” to endanger our health because they have maliciously abused this stolen power. The result today is that we have accepted medical protocols and specific health routines, such as numerous vaccines. If we continue to ignore the truth about the terrible effects of th vaccines, then our society will remain powerless to avoid their dangers.

There are other pages talking about the dangers of vaccines. But at this point, you may be wondering why vaccines exists on the psychological or spiritual level?

Numbness Has Resulted in Vaccines

A numbness has set in both within ourselves, and within the general societies where we live. This energy is frozen, it is an underlying attitude of an indifference to life. When humans are  alive and energized, they want to move. But, our life forces have been numbed out, as a collective people. This sensation of numbness is the opposite of the energy of life. The numbness is a frozen life, which is not able to create goodness in the world. Instead, it creates an energy of stuckness, or may even perpetuate into an evil form.

When this numbness occurs in doctors, scientists, and parents, it is passed on to their children. This deadness is not simply on the psychological level, but it occurs also on the body’s physical level. The experience of physical deadness may occur because of poor food selection, and also when medications or vaccines are used. If people were able to experience less numbness and more more aliveness in life, then vitality would be passed along to their children. Drug companies, people in power, and other organizations, would therefore not want to promote a numbing and disease promoting creation – vaccines. In other words, in order to rid the world of vaccines and other things that are dangers to our children, it is necessary to look into the darkness within ourselves, the frozen energy that is within.

For now, simply take a moment to just notice it. If you can sense it and have the desire to change it, then pray for help.

Photo Credit: europedistrict from Flickr

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