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Administering vaccines is child abuse and neglect

Can Vaccinating Your Child Be Considered Abuse or Neglect?

This Vaccine Abuse page is aimed at addressing the dangers of administering vaccine to children: Readers will learn about the dangers of vaccine so that they will stop administering them to their children.

Child abuse or neglect is causing harm to a child’s healthiness or welfare. I will explain how different vaccines threaten and cause harm to children. Every year, the government’s Vaccine Event Reporting System (VAERS), reports 80 deaths being caused by vaccines. I think death counts either as a harm or threat. These records are only 1-2% of the actual statistics. Therefore, 2,000+ children usually die each year as a result of our vaccine administration policies. Yes it is shocking.

Because vaccinations are a “normal” treatment that our modern culture participates in, many parents simply follow the doctor’s recommendations for vaccination schedules and give their young child a plethera of shots during the first few years of their life. Parents follow these vaccination recommendations because they think that they are helping the child, but they are actually subjecting their children to negative side effects and potential harm.

In addition to the shocking number of deaths that occur each year as a result of vaccinations, it is also surprising to learn how many children are physically harmed when vaccinated. If parents understood that they could be causing their child life-long health problems as a result of the vaccinations, would they choose to vaccinate their children? There are several childhood diseases linked with vaccinations, one of the most prevalent being autism. 

Since vaccines are known to cause autism, they will hinder the normal growth as well as development of a child, thus administration of vaccines, vaccine mandates vaccine suggestions and promotion of vaccines by doctors or nurses all sum up to state mandated child neglect and abuse.

Taking Responsibility for the Health of Your Child

Today, parents need to step up and take responsibility of their children’s health. Parents need to be proactive in learning more about how their children may be affected by important decisions (such as vaccinations), so they can make knowledgeable choices in order to protect the health of their children. The modern industries of medicine, nutrition, and health are run by business owners– people who are focused on improving the income of their business, even if it means that innocent people are harmed along the way.

Don’t simply take it for granted that the suggestions that are made are in the best interest of your child. As a parent, you have the right to ask questions, study health topics, and learn more about how your child will be impacted by the decisions that are being made… especially with vaccinations.

The fact is that vaccines are harmful and threaten the health of children. In fact, they do not work. It is a crime and an abomination in our country for anyone to promote vaccinations or attempt to vaccinate children. I will be unequivocal: In this regard, I do not campaign for parents’ rights on whether or not to immunize their children using vaccines. In addition, I don’t believe that parents across the globe should have the option of whether or not to poison their children. I believe that administering vaccines to children should be illegal. Vaccines are toxic, deadly and should be avoided by all means.

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