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The accepted definition of a vaccine adverse event is too narrow thereby allowing harms caused by vaccines to go unrecorded and undocumented

Vaccine Adverse Affects: How Long Does it Take for Negative Side Effects to Occur?

There are many groups and entities who claim that there are minimal side effects to vaccines, but one whistleblower in the vaccine industry pointed out a terrifying detail: according to the industry, only short-term consequences of vaccines are measured. The vaccine industry defines a bad vaccine reaction as something which happens immediately after the vaccine is administered, which means that no long term consequences are exposed in the tracking of side-effects.

Keep in mind that vaccines are supposed to continue for many years, so this tracking approach virtually ignores the effectiveness period of the vaccine. Because the vaccine is supposed to last for years, shouldn’t the industry report and monitor adverse reactions for many years as well?

Vaccines Supposedly Last for 10 Years or more in the Body

You can see the adverse event qualifications laid out in a table, posted by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system.

If you click on the above link, you will see that the vaccine injury table shows some alarming information about the side effects that can occur from specific vaccines. Take some time to review the potential adverse events that can occur, as well as the time-frame that is associated with those adverse events.

Side effects from vaccines can be very serious, even resulting in death in some cases. Parents are misinformed about the vaccines… they are told that it is perfectly normal, safe, and even necessary to vaccinate their child. So, the parent follows the “doctor’s orders” and has the vaccinations administered, which may actually result in very serious side effects for their child.

The chart shows that there is a delay in many of the side effects. So, even if a child seems healthy and normal immediately after a vaccination, it may only be a matter of time before the adverse event occurs. Consider the fact that a vaccine is supposed to last for 10 years within the body, do you really want to subject your child to potential negative side effects during the duration of time when healthy growth is so critical in their life?

Understanding the Facts About Vaccines

Remember that it may not be in your child’s best interest to have vaccines administered, regardless of the data that shows how “safe” it is. Even if there are studies to test the efficacy and safety of a vaccine, these treatments should not be trusted because those studies are often funded by the very companies that stand to make money when the vaccine is administered. Also, there is no long-term tracking of side effects or adverse events, so your child could potentially be affected by the vaccination any time after the treatment is administered.

As a parent, you have the right and responsibility to protect your child from harmful events, including vaccines. I encourage you to take some time to explore in depth the side effects of vaccines, so that you can see just how dangerous they can be. Once you understand the severe impacts of vaccines, you will see that these treatments should not be given to your child, under any circumstances. It is not worth risking the health of your child to follow mainstream misinformation.

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