Modern Food Interferes with a Full Pelvic Brim

As with facial structure, modern food also inhibits the full and natural development of a round pelvic brim (the inside of the pelvis).


“White Girl Scouts, New Zealand. Note the progressive lengthening and narrowing of the face and narrowing of the hips in the younger girl at the left.”

“The effect of this narrowing of the body, which in girls results in the boyish type of figure due to the narrowing of the hips, introduces an entirely new and serious problem in the experience of our modern civilization when confronted with the problems of childbirth.” Price, W Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Changes in Facial Form in Brother’s and Sisters


Notice how the overal shape and form of these brother’s and sister’s faces are different. For example, the faces are less round and square, the middle of the face does not come forward. These changes are due to the parent’s and offspring eating modern foods.

Likewise in many cases, due to modern foods, there is also a corresponding change to the diameter of women’s pelvises.

Fully Formed Pelvic Brim

Narrowing of of Pelvic Brim

The green shapes correspond to the pelvic brim.

Like the narrowing and poor development of facial features, a majority of modern women now experience a narrowing or improper development of the internal circumference of their hips. One can imagine, that the widest possible internal diameter, and the round shape, would be the most ideal for an easy birth.

NOTE: Pelvis shape does not correlate with the need to have cesarean, see below.

Finally, as a yoga practioner for many years, I have seen many people who due to slight postural abonormalities, have signficant bands of tension within their body. In other words, a small physical imbalance or imperfection in the bone structure, can create habitually tight tendons. For some, this tightness could prevent a baby from rotating into the correct position, or could limit the motility to birth naturally. Thus, improper nutrition, creating poor posture and excess tension in the body, can contribute to difficulties in birth.

In addition to the health status and nutrtional status of a Mother at the time of birth, the shape and diameter of the pelvic brim, and the tightness of the surrounding tendons and ligaments, as a factor of nutrition and physical development, provides a clear explanation, of why some women have easy, even ecstatic births, and other’s do not.