Elective Cesarean Birth’s are Dangerous

Why would a mother elect to have a cesarean? And reasons why an elective cesarean is a bad idea. The rate of elective cesarean’s in 2003 was 2.5% according to HealthGrades.

To control when the birth happens. The body triggers the birth process under two conditions. One is the condition of stress and overwhelm. If the body feels like the baby or the body is very sick, then it will being labor. This is why premature babies are born. The other reason for the body to begin the birth process is because there is triggering mechanism that occurs when the baby gets to the right size. When a cesarean is elected, in a huge majority of cases it means that the baby did not reach its ideal size, and therefore it did not trigger the labor process.

Fear of Pain. The birth process can be very painful. But it also can be pleasurable. During birth endorphins are released which raise your bodies ability to handle pain. If the mother is equipped with a healthy diet during pregnancy, then the birth should occur relatively rapidly. So the periods of pain may not be extremely long. Birth is a right of passage. It is an opportunity for the mother to heal and transform. Elective cesarean’s take away the life adventure of birth, and they are more dangerous than a vaginal birth. “Elective cesareans cause more infant deaths than would occur with low-risk vaginal births. More than twice as many babies are lost!” Birth, 2006