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Vaccine Rights Attorney Harassed by Government Authorities

In the video below, Mike Adams interviews Patricia Finn, a vaccine rights attorney who is being harassed by authorities for various charges unrelated to the way she is practicing the law, but rather the subject matter that she is defending (the right to opt out of H1N1 vaccines and other vaccinations due to religious or personal beliefs).

In 2009 a pediatrician filed a claim against Ms. Finn saying that she is assisting people in subverting the law, which could be a public health risk. When the attorney answered that complaint, she was charged with an advertising violation. She was then told that if she appealed the charge, she would be brought up on higher charges!

This is an extremely scary thing that authorities are harassing an attorney who is helping the public fight for their rights to keep their own bodies healthy with nutrition, herbal medicine, and other holistic modalities instead of with forced vaccination.

She has been found guilty of conduct that “immediately threatens the public interest.” This statement is based on the assumption that vaccinations are the only way to protect public health. The reasoning that authorities can take away an attorney’s license to practice law simply because she does not agree with their distorted, scientifically flawed definition of what is in the pubic interest is extremely alarming.

Ms. Finn filed a lawsuit to protect her rights against harsh and unreasonable charges, she is being charged with yet another admonishment!

Imagine if the government made the decision that bloodletting is healthy for children and that you should take half a pint of blood from your children every evening.  If an attorney were to defend parents who believe that bloodletting is not healthy and who do not want to take half a pint of blood from their children every evening, that attorney would be harassed.  This follows the same line of reasoning that an the government should harass an attorney who is defending the right of parents to not vaccinate their children.

If you want to show your support for Patricia Finn, you may connect with her on facebook here (link opens in a new window).  Watch the video below to get the full details on the interview.