Survey Shows Vaccinated Children Less Healthy

Too often it seems like there is a new vaccine making a bid to become part of the mandatory vaccine schedule in the United States. Currently, the vaccine schedule calls for 48 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of six. As part of the process to be added to the vaccine schedule, I had always assumed that the vaccines were not only tested for safely, but also evaluated as part of the entire schedule to ensure no adverse reactions resulted from giving multiple vaccines at one time. Imagine my surprise when I found out that not once has the current vaccine schedule gone through an unbiased, well-designed scientific study proving the effectiveness and overall safety of the recommended vaccines.

How can that be? How can authorities tell us that vaccines are perfectly safe without long-term test results proving that to be true? I thought our medical practice in the United States was based on scientific testing. At the very least, I thought that asking questions was an accepted part of the scientific process. Unfortunately, the government is not asking enough questions – the main one being whether vaccinated children enjoy better overall health than their unvaccinated counterparts.

In my mind that question should have been unequivocally answered BEFORE any vaccine was made mandatory. I am not alone in this belief. A growing number of parents and independent agencies are asking the same question and demanding answers. In December 2010, took up the call and began collecting surveys to compare the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children.

The study is ongoing and so far nearly 8,000 surveys have been submitted. The initial findings show a higher rate of autism, allergies, ADHD, asthma and other health conditions in vaccinated children. Really? A higher rate of chronic illnesses are found in vaccinated children when compared to unvaccinated children? That result made me sit up and take notice. The survey’s results indicate that children are NOT healthier overall by following the current US vaccine schedule. In fact, they are LESS healthy because of it.

The below chart shows a direct comparison of the survey of unvaccinated children compared to the data gathered from a German study of vaccinated children.

In addition to the above chart, found the prevalence of autism in vaccinated children to be 1 in 100 whereas the rate of autism in unvaccinated children is closer to 1 in 2,000. Children following the current US vaccination schedule are 20 times MORE likely to have autism than unvaccinated children! Any increased risk of developing autism should be enough to remove the “mandatory” label from vaccines, but a 20% increase should prompt an immediate ban on the vaccines until there is solid proof that they are safe.

The vaccine-autism link is hotly debated and continues to be highly controversial. Almost all vaccine “experts” forcefully deny any connection between the two based on research funded by drug companies. Excuse me, but I don’t believe that a study funded by the vaccine makers will be unbiased. Show me a study that shows no link between vaccines and autism from an independent agency and then we’ll talk.

Though this survey is definitely not a controlled, double-blind study and it depends on submitters to give accurate information, the results are incredibly revealing and definitely deserve a completely unbiased follow-up study with all the proper scientific methods observed. It’s time to put aside all differences regarding vaccines and do the science. Let the results stand on their own and be the deciding factor of whether or not a parent decides to vaccinate their children. If the vaccines truly do what they say they do, then the government shouldn’t have to make them mandatory. Instead, they should allow the public the freedom to make their own choices based on unbiased and proper scientific testing.

As any parent could tell you, asking questions about vaccines often results in angry, defiant statements from medical practitioners. Parents are commonly brow-beaten and bullied into given their children the vaccines on schedule with no exceptions. How can these doctors insist on administering vaccines when there is absolutely no definitive proof that they will keep our children healthy? Well, the short answer is, they truthfully can’t. And I for one am not willing to give my children something that may or may not work, but will definitely have adverse effects on their overall health.