Should You Vaccinate?

Just recently, the CDC passed its latest vaccination recommendation: that boys aged nine years and up should start getting the series of three vaccinations against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Their reasoning is that high numbers of Americans are already infected and that vaccinating before sexual activity starts is the answer. The HPV causes cervical cancer as well as other reproductive system cancers in women and cancer of the anus, neck and throat in men. The Human Papillomavirus is infamous for causing genital warts.

The big problem is that 40 different serotypes of the Human Papillomavirus exist and medical science still hasn’t come up with a cure for viruses of any kind. Once you get the infection, there is no cure.

CDC experts believe that the HPV vaccine will reduce the incidence of cervical cancer in women by vaccinating the boys who can pass the virus on to the girls.

The CDC also clearly states that reactions can occur to the HPV vaccine, but “do not last long and go away on their own”. These reactions include pain in 90 percent of those receiving it, a 99.5 degree Fahrenheit fever, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and joint or muscle pain. Fainting can also occur. You’d better have the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program phone number available on hand, just in case a negative reaction occurs. The last CDC vaccination recommendation was for Gardasil for girls in 2009 and resulted in the toll free line buzzing with callers who demanded answers about their girl’s paralysis, coma or death.

The HPV vaccine isn’t the first vaccination to be given to children for the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease. The hepatitis B vaccine is administered to babies within hours of their birth.

So what should you do if you don’t feel right about getting your children vaccinated? Well, proponents against the vaccination say that it shouldn’t be given for a host of reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. The HPV vaccine for girls resulted in problems as severe as death and major disability; why try it out on boys?
  2. Viruses are known for their ability to mutate. The HPV virus currently has 40 different serotypes. The vaccine only “protects” from four of them. It’s created on the premise that these four serotypes will be the ones that will cause HPV infection in your children. This means the scientists are guessing about the future of your child.
  3. If the vaccination could prevent a virus from occurring, then why couldn’t the same technology be used to treat an infection? It doesn’t make sense that scientists would have made no progress on a cure, only “prevention”.
  4. Leviticus 19:19 in the Scriptures warns against mating different kinds of animals or mixing two types of seed. Mixing results in the sharing of genetic material. Yet this rule is broken when scientists create vaccinations by mixing the seed of a chicken (egg) with the genetic material of whatever species is used to create the vaccine – monkey, pig, bat, or other animal. Each gene carries with it millions of pieces of information. When a virus attacks it, genetic modifications are made. The starting material for a vaccination – an egg – already carries its own DNA in it. Adding the virus modifies the DNA. Injecting that newly combined duo into another animal that is used as a host for increasing the virus production (or involving other species tissues in the process) attaches an unknown amount of new genetic information to the mixture. Now it’s time to inject the vaccine into a human. Prior to receiving a vaccine, a human has already been exposed to other viruses that have made genetic modifications to the DNA. It’s a known fact that viruses interact with each other, and this is a possible reason for some of the fatalities resulting from vaccines.
  5. Never in the Bible does it mention that injecting anything into the body is a practice of good health. However, the matter of clean and unclean animals is discussed. A diseased animal is said to be unclean and capable of contaminating others in the Bible. Yet, unclean animals are used in the preparation of the vaccines.
  6. Vaccinations can contain known neurotoxins such as formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, ethyl mercury, aluminum, tributyl phosphate, and others. It is a parent’s responsibility to protect their children from anything that can harm them.
  7. It is also known that some vaccinations are created from lung tissue from aborted babies. The murder of innocent children (or any human) is prohibited in the Bible, as is the use of tissue from the dead.
  8. Taking a vaccination is an act that supports putting one’s faith in the medical system and not the design of the human body and its wonderful immune system which can overcome microbes. Vaccinations are not natural, as injecting anything into the body is not natural by any means.
  9. The immune system of a young child isn’t able to handle the detoxification of vaccinations because it is not fully developed until the age of two or three years. This is why mother’s milk is so full of natural immunity for babies.

The list of reasons not to vaccinate is long and detailed. There’s another long list of complications that have occurred as a result of vaccinations. Could the marriage of common sense and the scripture be valuable to us?