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Vaccines do not work does this surprise you

Do Not Believe the Hype: Vaccines Do Not Work

Stated Intention of This Vaccines Don’t Work Web Page: To learn about the harm caused by vaccines so that you will not allow them to be administered to your children under any pretenses.

As modern civilization developed, diseases that were once non-existent among indigenous people became widespread. Disease appears and develops as a response to the environment. It occurs when the body tries to remove toxic material through alternative methods when the main avenues of cleansing and purification, such as the liver, have been damaged. How can a vaccination prevent this type of response? When we remove the toxic influence by eating a nutrient-rich diet and improving our overall health, the chance of contracting disease decreases or disappears.

How can we expect an attenuated virus injected into an infant’s bloodstream to prevent a toxic accumulation or a nutrient deficiency? Quite simply, it can’t.

If you believe that disease attacks an innocent victim from the outside world, then it is easy to believe that disease is caused by an unseen organism: the virus. Yet this belief is inaccurate. It denies reality and it denies life itself.

Vaccines and Louis Pasteur Germ Theory 

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