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Vaccines are not independently tested to be safe because they are not safe

Vaccines Do Not Undergo Independent Safety Testing (Because They Are Not Safe)

(image via stevendepolo on Flickr)

Stated Intention of this Page: To learn about the harm caused by vaccines so that you will not allow them to be administered to your children under any pretenses.

The FDA abandoned the testing of vaccines more than 15 years ago – therefore we have no way of knowing whether every dose of vaccine is contaminated or not. Vaccines typically include in their ingredients substances such as preservatives, stabilizers and adjuvants such as ethylene glycol (antifreeze), phenol (carbolic acid), formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerosal (mercury), neomycin (antibiotic), streptomycin (antibacterial), squalene (fish or plant oil), gelatin, MSG, and phenol (a caustic, poisonous, acidic compound present in coal tar and wood tar). You can learn more about vaccine ingredients on Dr. Viera Scheibner’s website:

Make no mistake: the pharmaceutical industry knows exactly how these chemicals affect children because they have done tests on animals and on people. They throw out large groups of test data to make it appear that vaccines reduce rates of disease. These ingredients all have a specific purpose and are not added to the vaccine by accident. Their purpose is to debilitate your child and to make him susceptible to disease.

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