There is no evidence vaccines work

A Lack of Evidence That Vaccines Actually Work

The Stated Purpose of Web Page About Lack of Evidence in Vaccines: To help you understand the harm caused by vaccines, so that you will see how important it is to not allow the administration of vaccines to your children.

Vaccine Evidence is Lacking: Where Did We Go Wrong?

Despite the hard push for vaccinations, there is a strong lack of evidence that vaccines actually work. When asked about the efficacy of vaccinations, the common response is for the vaccine promoters to say “Prove to me vaccines do not work.” But, shouldn’t we be asking the opposite question? “Show me some evidence that they do work!”

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If you visit your local doctor and for each vaccine request a copy of a comparable study of unvaccinated and vaccinated populations, it is likely that your doctor will write you off and tell you to not be worried about it. You may even ask to see long-term studies that were completed to prove the fact that diseases can be prevented with vaccines, only to find that these studies do not exist. Another question that may be asked, is to request to view the vaccine disclosure label that comes with the treatment. It is shocking to see the documentation with each vaccine, because there is a long list of documented “side effects.”

A letter written by Dr. Harold Buttram was published in the British Medical Journal:

There have never been any studies of this nature, and apparently none have been attempted. Based on personal observation, it appears that before-and-after testing has been studiously avoided by government health agencies for fear that the results would discourage public confidence in vaccine programs… [I]n my opinion the NIH, CDC, FDA can justifiably be accused of negligence in protecting the health and welfare of the American public, especially the

Dr. Philip Incao’s testimony for the Ohio State House of Representatives:

Take a group of vaccinated children and compare them with a matched group of unvaccinated children. If the groups are well-matched and large enough and the length of time the children are observed following vaccination long enough, then such a study is deemed the ‘gold standard’ of vaccine research because its data is as accurate a reflection as medical research is capable of achieving of how vaccinations are actually affecting our nation’s children. Incredible as it sounds, such a common- sense controlled study comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children has never been done in America for any vaccination. This means that mass vaccination is essentially a large-scale experiment on our nation’s children

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