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Pregnancy health dietary guidelines

Dietary Guidelines for Pregnancy Health

If you look at every indigenous group that was successful at producing healthy babies and a high disease immunity, you will see that they liberally used fat-soluble vitamins.

Three Main Fat-Soluble Vitamin Sources:

  1. Dairy products, specifically from grass-fed animals.
  2. Muscle and organ meat from shellfish and fish.
  3. Organs of land animals.

Also, keep in mind that vegetables also contain fat-soluble vitamins (the same as fat-soluble activators); some of these vegetables are avocados and coconuts. Vegetables, in their whole form without with vitimins stripped in processing, synergistically work with the principal sources of fat-soluble vitamins, creating a very high immunity so they body can effectively fight off every sort of disease. But, there is an important distinction needs that to be made: hormone-like activating substances that are related to fat-soluble vitamins in animal foods are not likely found in vegetable sources.

There are certain parts of the world where it will be difficult to find caribou, sea cow or seal. However, there is a basic lesson that can be learned from robust health diets of Eskimos and Indians of Canada’s north. Eat all parts of the animal.

In our modern world, we have plenty of grassfed beef, lamb, chicken, bison, turkey, pork and wild sea foods. Despite the abundance of these foods, our modern culture still chooses displaced dietary standards of avoiding the nutrient packed organ meats in favor of the muscle meats. For example, it is more common to eat the thigh or the butt and avoid the liver. The Canadian Indians had superb health, and they described how they used the excess lean muscle meats — they fed them to their dogs. Make it a point to obtain the organs of the animals that you are eating, be sure they are from organic sources, and start eating those organs. The most accessible source of organs is fish. It is quite easy to find whole fish and shellfish. Often, fish merchants throw away the organs of the fish or shellfish. Wasting these organs meats is a modern tragedy, because there are thousands of pounds of vitamins which could be used to improve the health of our children. These organs from healthy animals are wasted as they are thrown into the garbage or dumped into the ocean.

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Photo Credit: Yvon_novY from Flickr

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