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Nature: the Source of Pregnancy Diet Wisdom

Perhaps the question has crossed your mind as it has mine: how did indigenous groups know what special, healthy foods to eat? What was the source of their dietary wisdom? Dr. Price explains:

In the studies of Indians of the far north of Canada, I asked an old Indian how they obtained their wonderful wisdom regarding foods and the art of living. He told me that a great Power taught the Indians to watch the animals to see what they ate.

I found the native tribes in Africa using the same principle. When I inquired why they ate the organs of animals, particularly the liver, they reported that when a lion, the strongest of the beasts for its size, kills a zebra or another animal, it starts by eating at the flank and goes directly to the liver as the first of the organs to be eaten. (Emphasis added.)


In the Loetschental Valley, the people “thank the kind Father for evidence of his Being in the life-giving qualities of butter and cheese.” Could there be anything more divine, more sacred and holy, than a food capable of producing healthy children and safe births? These special foods are all more imbued than other foods with a quality of the creator of life, humans, and the world of forms. At the same time, the foods which lack special fat-soluble vitamins and hormones are the modern foods which produce disease and unhealthy children. No one consciously made up these rules of health and Nature, yet if we follow them closely we can be blessed with healthy, vitality, and – in many cases – disease-free, robust children.

All of these special foods are more imbued than most other foods with a quality of the creator of life, of humans, of the world of forms. Conversely, the foods most lacking this quality (special fat-soluble vitamins and hormones) are the modern foods devoid of nutrients and which produce disease and unhealthy children. No one consciously devised these rules of health and of Nature, yet if we choose to follow them we can be blessed with health, vitality, and in most cases healthy and disease-free children.

Source for Indigenous Wisdom Source

Price, W. A. “Field Studies Among African Tribes.” Journal of the American Medical Association, 1936:888.

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