Natural and healthy diet for pregnancy introduction

An Introduction to a Healthy, Natural Diet for Pregnancy

When proper nutrition is address, it has been found that disease and illness in children can be substantially reduced. The best time to start helping your child with good nutrition prior to conception. However, even if you are already pregnant and haven’t started a healthy diet, then don’t despair because you can start a path of good nutrition at any point in your life. The earlier the better, in order to give your child the best possible chance at good health in their life. Remember that even small efforts that are made towards healthier habits can substantially influence the life of your child to be.

In this article, we are going to talk about how the modern diet has affect our health, so that you understand how important it is to avoid unhealthy foods. With this information, you will be empowered to take charge of your health through diet.

Nature’s Intended Pregancy Diet

Going back to the basics, we can see that nature has given us a blueprint for good health. Everything that we need to be healthy and to heal is available to us: pure air and water, nutrient rich foods, and plants that can be used as medicine. Over hundreds of millions of years, humans evolved… always in symbiotic harmony with Mother Earth. Our bodies are created to respond and react when we do not follow this natural blueprint — that negative reaction is a part of Nature’s design as well. Even though you don’t hear a loud voice warning you, “Don’t eat that food; it will make you sick!” Your body will let you know by showing signs and symptoms of illness or disease. These physical reactions are similar to mathematics or physics, in that the internal biochemistry of our body obeys a set of known and unknown rules and laws. Our perfectly constructed body is not able to utilize or process foods that have been commercially altered, because the producers of these processed foods did not take Nature’s design to heart. Business and profit are the motivating forces for the creation and sale of of these substitute, processed foods.Minhas meninas

It is important to understand this central and crucial theme: If the body’s internal environment is a primary determinant for our health, and also our children’s health, then what is the primary factor that determines our internal environment? It is the fundamental expression of our relationship to the world around us, the world of form and of Nature — food.

Many of us do not realize the extent to which diet affects our health, because in the past we have tried a new type of diet or a “health food” and didn’t experience any results. The lack of results is not because our health is not influenced by diet or because the health food didn’t work; but the truth is that we are so disconnected from our body’s natural responses that we don’t noticed the small changes that are happening any more. A number of the modern weight loss diets are focused on deprivation, and people believe that in order to be healthy it’s necessary to minimize our intake of foods. Granted, there are times when minimizing food intake and cleansing is appropriate, but most of the time the opposite is true. Focusing on a diet that is based on nourishment, fulfillment, and abundance allows us to nourish ourselves and also support the nourishment of our children. It is important to give our bodies enough food, just make sure it is the right kind of food!

In order to retune my sensibilities to my body, it was necessary for me to practice yoga for several years consistently. During this process, I realized that the food I was eating wasn’t healthy or satisfying for me, so I began to change my diet and experiment with the way I felt when eating specific types of foods. With 1-2 hours of exercise per day for several years, I had become tired and fatigued. But, when I started eating a healthy diet, I noticed that my energy and enthusiasm returned. The good news is that there are many people who have spent years researching and studying the topic of nutrition to determine how it affects the human body. By following the nutritional recommendations provided on this website, you will find the shortcut to health, and you will learn how to enjoy life with healthy and delicious foods.

As you are making this transition, focus on activity. Feel your body. Pay attention to your feet on the floor and feel the rhythmic vibrations of your breathing. Open your heart, and allow yourself to feel a calming energy of compassion and love coming from the abundance of the Universe. Next, turn your attention to your pelvis area. The pelvis is the root of your body, it contains the organs of reproduction, elimination, and pleasure. Feel how your body is coming in contact with the surface that is supporting your body. Allow yourself to gently breathe in and out, and simply notice any sensations both internally and externally.

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