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Famous western physicians believe disease is a result of the bodies response to poison not the result of a virus

Diseases Are the Body’s Response to Poison, Not the Result of Viruses

(image via Sanofi Pasteur on Flickr)

On the previous page, we found out that what we think of as a virus may actually be the result of the body’s response to a poison. The word “virus,” after all, has its roots in the ancient Sanskrit word “visha,” which translates to “poison.”

In the wise words of Western physician Dr. Henry Bieler:

“The primary cause of disease is not germs.”

Dr. Thomas Sydenham said:

“Disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbific [diseased, toxic] matter.”

After wandering for years in the jungles of misdiagnosis, modern physician J.H. Tilden had this to say:

“There is no hope that medical science will ever be a science; for the whole structure is built around the idea that there is an object disease — that can be cured when the right drug — remedy, cure — is found.”

Vaccines are the Real Poison

Vaccines and viruses are part of the same devastating cultural lie.

So many great physicians are aware of this damaging lie, and that is why they do not claim that viruses cause disease. Rather, they associate disease with destructive elements in the environment such as poisons, pollution or malnutrition. Most modern doctors help to hide the truth of what really makes us sick by upholding this damaging falsehood. They spread misinformation by insisting that disease-causing viruses randomly attack helpless victims, hiding the truth about what actually makes us sick: toxins and nutrient deficiencies.

Vaccines are supposed to immunize us against viruses that do not really cause the diseases we want to prevent – so what are they really doing when they are injected into our children?

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