Circumcision: A Cruel Practice

(image via parkerthompson on Flickr)

Circumsision (circumcision) completely changes the male anatomy and changes the way men have sexual intercourse. The foreskin is a natural part of the male anatomy that protects the delicate glands and keeps them naturally lubricated. Circumsised (circumcised) males often suffer from unnecessary irritation or stimulation because the tips of their penises are constantly exposed. During the act of sexual intercourse, the foreskin acts as a protective element against friction.

Some men have decided to restore their foreskins by using stretching over the course of years, or by getting restorative surgery. Men who have gone through these procedures report that intercourse is more pleasurable. On the other side of the coin, men who are circumcised later in life typically report being unhappy with the procedure due to the discomfort and loss of sensation.

The bottom line is that circumcision is a cruel practice. Learn more about foreskin restoration at Norm.

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