Cholesterol and fat during pregnancy

Are Cholesterol and Fatty Foods Healthy During Pregnancy?

Our modern civilization has been led to believe that one of the worst substances in our diet is cholesterol, this myth has been taught by many organizations including public schools, medical professionals, and government. Applying this advice to everyday living equates to many people cutting sources of cholesterol out of their diet, so they start avoiding animal fats, liver, eggs, and butter. Typically, these sources of natural fats are replaced with processed, polyunsaturated fats such as soybean and corn oil. The problem is that the processing that is use to create these types of fats is very unhealthy, and it can actually contribute to health problems such as aging and heart disease.

Learning the truth about cholesterol is about the health and wellness of you and your family, and it is important that you do the research in order to discover the real way to provide your family with good nutrition. The human body actually needs cholesterol to function, it is used in brain functions as well as other functions throughout the body. So, the common advice to stop consuming traditional animal fats and use vegetable fats is a fallacy and it is not in the best interest of your health.

A critical component to cell membranes lies in the benefits that our bodies receive from cholesterol. Two of the highest sources include liver and egg yolks, which are great food options to give to young children because of the high levels of nutrition that is available. These foods are also great to consume during pregnancy, many women find that they have cravings for these types of foods… and those cravings happen for a reason!

Myth: Cholesterol Causes a Build-Up of Artery Plaque

We have been told over and over again that arterial sclerosis is caused by cholesterol, so foods with cholesterol are often feared by the general public. Consider this interesting point: Japan has a very low risk of heart attack, but when autopsies are performed it is found Japanese people often have similar levels of arterial plaque as Americans. So, why would the plaque levels be the same, but the heart attack rate is drastically different? It means that arteriosclerosis has little to do with the level of blood cholesterol that a person has. In fact, you can and should eat animal fat because of the health benefits that can be gained from these healthy fats. It is common for people with high cholesterol to live the longest, and it has actually been found that certain respects of low cholesterol can be worse than having high cholesterol.

Finding Healthy Fats

There are a few good sources of healthy fats to choose from, including: duck, chicken, beef, lard, bone marrow, liver, land animal organs, egg yolk, and butter. Keep in mind that factory farms usually raise animals in cruelty, resulting in poorer quality meat… the nutrition levels are actually reduced. So, be sure that you are finding high-quality, organic sources of meat and dairy, these can usually be found at a local health food store or farmer’s market. Or, if you are unable to locate a source in your local area, these items can be purchased online directly from the farm.

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